My 2017 in 9 Points

It just occurred to me that this is the 10th year in a row doing this retrospective. I suppose that’s a record of sorts. Its nice revisit it once in awhile to see my life in years’ past. You can view the previous years’ editions here:


Anyway, let’s get started. (if you are wondering why 9 and not 10, read one of the earlier posts)

1. Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Well, after so many trips in the past years, in 2017, we didn’t go anywhere overseas since it was SPM year. Instead, we did a few short local holidays. We did a staycation in Doubletree Hilton KL and a long weekend stay in Melaka (both trips without the kids). After the exams, we went for a week holiday in Kuala Sepetang / Ipoh / Penang. Sometimes its good to realize that is less important where you go for holidays, rather it is more imporatant that you spend time with your family.

2. CG Retreat

Another local holiday that we enjoyed this year was with our CG. We just joined this group in early 2016, and I came to realize that they hadn’t had a CG retreat for a few years before this. So this year we made it a point to press on with the retreat. So we had a long weekend in Kuala Selangor, filled with kids playing in the swimming pool, adults playing silly games, eating lots of good food, etc. Definitely will be doing it again in 2018.

3. SPM 2017

Speaking of which, in 2017, the biggest even throughout the year was, of course SPM. A year of preparations and studying culminated in a few weeks of examinations at the end of the year. Thankfully, all went well, and our eldest daughter has now marked the completion of the schooling year.

4. the Job

But of course everything comes back to the Job. Things started pretty well at the start of the year, but thing started getting complicated at the end of the year. The situation is still unraveling now, but we’ll see how it pans out in the next few months.

5. books

What is my life without books. In 2017, I set a lower target of 30 books (in comparison to 100 for the past 4 years), with the plan to read and complete some of the thicker / longer books in my library. This started well, I read the excellent The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (962 pages). Somehow, after that first book the initiative petered out and I was back to reading anything and everything. In the end I clocked 104 books for 2017. Some things don’t change, I suppose.

6. new phone

Oh yes, I gave up on my Mi4i and went back to Samsung after 2 years. I spent a bit for the new Samsung Galaxy 8, and after a few months with it, I’m glad to announce that this is an excellent phone, worth very sen I spent. It has lots of cool, innovative features (not all I’m using) and it is so stable that it hasn’t hung on me once yet.

7. Donald Trump and Frank Underwood

Well, what did you expect? We all knew it was going to disastrous, but I don’t think anyone quite expected President Trump’s first year to turn out like this. Well, on the bright side, there are only 3 (or possibly 7) more years of this farce. Incidentally, this year, I started watching House of Cards. Kevin Spacey plays the manipulative Vice President of the US, which brings a strange yet interesting counterpoint to real White House.

8. Game of Thrones

What else? I watched GoT. I had actually stopped watching after Season 1, as I thought it was rather violent. But I was curious how Book 6 (and 7) would pan out, so I had to catch up on the TV series from season 2 through 5. in the latest season, I was watching it weekly as it was released in the US. I don’t think I’ve done this in many, many, years for any TV series.

9. That KL SEA Games

It was a memorable SEA Games for certain reasons – the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony and how embarrassing it was with all the claims of the host cheating just to amass gold medals. Well, we got a public holiday out of it, so… But seriously, I thought the closing ceremony, although very simple, was a great trip down memory lane.

Here’s to a great 2018!

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