My 2013 in 9 Points

Today is the last day of 2013, and it is time again to review my past year in 9 points. To understand why only 9 (and not 10) you have to go back to the first of this yearly tradition to find out why. The past editions can be read here (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008).

New Year, New Job

Began the new year on Jan 21 with a new job with one the fastest growing Property developers in the country. Getting in the company was tough, keeping up with the job was tougher. But I’m thankful to God for the opportunity, and in a way, my previous short-stint job kind of prepared me for this. Things tapered off after 4 to 5 months, when i got to grips with the morning traffic and job-related stress. Also having a new (more understanding) boss helped a lot. As I approach a full year here, I am immensely thankful to the lord for the team he put around me (although staff turnover is very high).



For my birthday, my wife bought me a ukulele. A ukulele! How cool is that? Learning to play, while easier than a guitar, is a little harder, though. But as in anything that require a new skillset, Practice, practice, practice.



What year end list would not mention this? Yes, it was one of the biggest national event in our nation’s history. But for lust of power, it was victory at all cost. And it cost Malaysians everything – our freedom, cost of living, religious harmony, pluralism, and maybe soon, internet freedom.


(Very beautiful photo spot)

Six days of wonderful holiday in the Thai capital. Why haven’t I come here before?! And more importantly, when am I coming back again?!

Reacquainting with Weekly Football


One day, on a spurious occasion, i upgraded my Astro to b.yond HD. And i make a resolution to watch more football. After all, i’m paying for the channels, and i had drifted away from weekly football for a few seasons already, due to other commitments. This was just before Arsenal resurgence due to the arrival of Özil, so it was a exciting time. As the cynical long time Arsenal fans would say, enjoy it while it lasts…

Galaxy 4

On the same day I got my Astro B.yond, I bought my Samsung Galaxy S4. Am I the only person to go from S1 to S4? Wow, things have really improved since the first model! No lag! No freezing! So clear! So expensive!



I cut down on the books for 2013 from the usual 50 to 18, mainly due to work commitments. Even with that, i found it difficult to make time to read, and to find good books that piqued my interest. Only a late flurry thanks to the Big Bad Wolf Sale helped me reach my target, and then all of a sudden, i didn’t feel like reading again. Maybe I should target only 12 books next year.

Christmas Play


Some time back in May, the church YA asked me to write a script for the Christmas play. At first I was apprehensive, but i soon realize the tantalizing premise. A simple play to capture the uneasy sentiment of urban Chinese Christians in Malaysia in response to Islamization, emigration, rising crime, discrimination, etc. The script finally completed in August, casting and practices commenced in September, and there it was staged 3 times during Christmas.

I’m to say at least ONE person thought it was good.



Last minute trip, been many years since I’ve been there. This was my first real ‘tourist’ trip. Navigating Penang is very much easier with Waze. Bonus, met 2 old friends I haven’t seen in years.

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