My 2009 In 9 Pictures

I did a list for last year 2008, so I thought it’d be a good to review the year in the same way. As usual, I’ll just let the pics do the talking.

1. A (H1N1)


First there was mad cow disease. Then there was avian flu. And then there was swine flu. Pretty soon the only meat we can safely eat is frog’s legs. Undoubtedly the biggest event of 2009, changing the way we look at personal and public health.

2. The King and the Joker: Celebrity Deaths

While Michael Jackson’s death got all the publicity, Heath Ledger will be greatly missed.

3.Three Letters: B. S. G.

That’s Battlestar Galactica. The greatest show on TV. Ever. Comes to an end.


4.The long-awaited change

It was a long time coming, a little too long perhaps. I wouldn’t say the former’s tenure was a failure, but there weren’t many successes either.


5.Tigers go Extinct

The 30 year old struggle for a separate Tamil Eelam nation comes to a bitter end.



Very memorable holiday.


7.And it came tumbling down

Jaya Supermarket in Sec 14 comes down. Literally.


8. Books, books and books.

Took time to read books this year. Lots and lots of it. House is filled with borrowed (too skint to buy) books piling up everywhere. Thank God for generous friends.


9.A Decade and Counting.

It’s 10th wedding anniversary this year. Looking forward to many more.



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