My 2015 in 9 Points

This comes a bit late, seeing that its almost the end of Q1 in 2016. But for the sake of posterity and keeping with tradition, I’m putting this out before I start with my Macau travelogue. I’ve been doing this annually for 8 years now, so that counts for something. You can view the previous years’ editions here:


Anyway, without further ado, here we go!

1. New House!

Perhaps the biggest event this year was our move the new house. This was a huge event, with more than a year of planning and shopping. The approvals, renovations, decorating and furnishing took about 5 months. I’ve never moved homes before, not in this scale. My mother still stays in the house I was born into, and the few times I moved, it was only with one or two bags. But this is the first time I truly moved houses. And I hope it will be my last, too.

2. Exams

Besides the house, the other biggest worry was the exams my kids were facing – both UPSR and PT3. But thankfully, both kids passed with flying results!

3. Work

Work, for the past year, has been basically just that – work work work. I got promoted at the start of the year, but other than that it was more of the same.

4. Newer Pastures

2015 was indeed a year of change. We moved houses after staying more than 16 years in the old place. My wife also started working a long time. And we also left our old church after close to 20 years. We’ve talked about it for some time now, and after closing out some of our commitments, we slowly faded out and away. In the second half of the year, we took some opportunity to visit some of my old churches (some from REALLY far back), visit friends’ churches, etc. Anyway we’ve kinda settled in now.

5. Letterman Retires

Well, I’ve been a huge fan of David Letterman, and was interested to know that he’s retired now. He’s really different in the last 10 years and have not been following him regularly, but he was the funniest late show host in my humble opinion. Goodbye and goodnight, David.

6. Seoul & Jeju

Due to all our busyness of moving and exams and saving money for the new house, travel had taken a back seat for over a year and half. But after everything had settled, it was time for a big trip to Seoul. It was a wonderful autumn holiday – everything was better than expected. Would we come back to Korea? Definitely.

7. The Accident

one august one on the way to a wedding dinner, we had a major accident on the wet road. Our Toyota Rush was quite badly damaged, and needed a tow truck to rescue us. So that night instead of a happy wedding dinner, I spent the night making a police report. But praise God everything went very well, and we owe it all to good family members and friends. In just 1 month, our car was repaired better than new and insurance covered everything. Hallelujah!

8. Road Trips and Mini holidays

Since we didn’t go for a major holiday until the end of the year, we did what we always did – road trips and mini holidays! We did Ipoh a few times, and also once together with the cell group. We also did Penang at the end of the year. Should really do more.

9. Books, books and still more books

And as usual, it was business as usual for books. This year was a bumper year, I did more than 50. I was really surprised myself. Planning to do it again this year.

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