My 2012 in 9 Points

I started this annual thing a few years back (see 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008 here) and its only fitting to do one for the just concluded year.

In summary, 2012 has been a transitional year for me, and also a year of great financial implications. I changed jobs twice (you can imagine how i have to explain to friends why) and bought two properties while disposing of another. So you can have a picture of all the dealings with bankers and lawyers. But don’t get me wrong. It has been a blessed and fulfilling year. I had ample time to enjoy the things i love – church, time with my family, reading, art, and at the same time worked with one of the best bosses i’ve ever had.

But so, my 2012 in 9 points.

1. Stephen


Its hard to start an introspective with this. I had only gotten to know his much better only in the last 6-7 years, mostly through the wonderful times spent at his place preparing for Project Timothy, and Project Philosophy before that. Whenever i think of him, i always picture him smiling, asking us “Did Paul really say that?”

2. The Queen


Most people will remember Will and Kate’s all too brief appearance here, but the star of the Royals was the Queen’s performance at the London Olympics opening ceremony. Great to know she has an amazing sense of humour, not to mention a deadpan acting style.

3. Ko Lipe

Picture 213

My definition of an island paradise. No roads, no cellphone coverage, just an tiny island of resorts populated by European tourists. For 5 days, it was swimming, island hopping, kayaking, reading in the shade, snoozing on the beach, and eating the best Italian food this side of the continent. I can hear the island calling me again.

4. Gap Month

Between jobs, i took a month off from work, after 5 years at my previous posting. You can read more about what i did here. Sure, most of you have had much longer holidays, but this was a record for me. And i enjoyed every minute of it.

5. Changes

Related to the above, yes, i quit my job of five years. I had a great job, great colleagues, so it was a little tough to leave it all. But sure, new challenges and all, i left. To what seemed like a dream job. But right smack on the first day of the new job, i found out it was not what i agreed on. But i tried to make the best of the situation. I tried for 5 months, while a lot more started to unravel.

So finally quit. A few days before my last day, i finally found out the real story about how this mess came to be. Regrettable, but I’m not one for regrets. We live, learn, move on. And i did.

6. Chiang Mai


Big holiday for a big family. Probably the last one for a long time for us. You can read the itinerary here.

7. Four More Years


Despite all the reports and opinion polls leading to the elections, i never had any doubt that Obama would win. Who could actually take Mitt Romney seriously? Other than hardcore Republicans, that is. Congrats and good luck, president elect.

8. Of Houses and Homes

2012-12-18 11.32.47

And i bought a new place for my family. It will be ready more than a year from now. Its a huge financial commitment for me, so austerity will be the order of the day for the family for the next few years. The very same week i signed for the house, i bought another apartment for investment. I had to let go another excellent investment opportunity to make this happen, but that’s how life is sometimes.

9. And Still Reading

2012-12-08 00.13.13

And still at it, about 50 books in 2012. Finally finished GRRM’s ‘A Dance with Dragons’. Bought and read lots of art and painting books. Best book i read last year? Probably one of the 30 year old Earthsea books. I need to read more recent books.

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