Insect Spray

When I was really small, I remember my mom used an insect spray that looked like this.


You pumped the handle like a Nerf gun, and the spray came out. But then they introduced the tall thin canister spray we are familiar with now. The only difference was the earlier types had this white plastic button on top with the nozzle, and each time you used it, the oily spray would get onto your fingers and hands. If you didn’t wash your hands after, you’d be ingested all the yummy nutritious poison.

See how close the nozzle is to your finger?

It was only recently they introduced the type with the yellow plastic cap, still in use now. I remember the earlier models were quite flimsy, the pressdown part kept breaking off.


My home town had a chronic mosquito problem due to the poor drainage system (it still does) so mosquito is a major problem. We had to spray the entire house in the mornings and evenings before sweeping out all the dead mozzies on the floor. (When that mosquito zapping racket craze first started it was a huge seller in my town)

I remember my mom kept two types of insect sprays – a regular type, usually Mortein, Shelltox or Ridsect (nowadays Shelltox is called Shieldtox). We also had a can of the green coloured Baygon. Why two? Coz the regular types like Ridsect are only good for killing tiny insects like ants and mozzies. For cockroaches, you need to whip out the more toxic Baygon. Even the sound of the Baygon makes is more impressive, a deeper drone. These days any brand can kill roaches. Not sure about centipedes, though.

Over the years I seen people use lots of alternatives – roach traps, bug zappers (popular in Malay restaurants), Combat roach poison (works as well as alien detectors), etc but nothing works as effective as insect sprays. I know they’re toxic if inhaled and burn a hole in the ozone layer, but i don’t wanna get dengue.

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