Singapore: Sign of the Times Part 5

Okay, this is the last posting on my Singapore pictures. Remembering back, it was and excellent trip, and I really enjoyed posting my pics up here. Too bad photoblogs are a little unpopular these days, and I’m really a photo buff. Anyways, regular programming to resume after this…

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Below: I spied this somewhere in Jurong, on the way back from some famous [tag]Singapore[/tag] tourist destination. If they ever offer free finger food and cordial drinks in between classes, stay away from the ham sandwiches, I’d say…


Below: This is a banner advertising the staging of [tag]West Side Story[/tag] at the [tag]Esplanade[/tag], you that pointy building supposedly to look like a durian but looks more like a cempedak. Look at the pix. Doesn’t the guy look like a young [tag]Jay Leno[/tag]?


Below: They recently built this [tag]merlion[/tag] in the middle of Sentosa island. Taking this pic in the twilight, it looks really spooky and a little scary. But not as scary as the amount of Singapore Dollars you need to spend per day on [tag]Sentosa[/tag]…


Below: Speaking of Sentosa, from atop the Carlsberg Tower you can actually see part of the Indonesia islands.


Below: I had to take this pic. My mom has this exact same rubbish bin back home, exact hers is orange instead of yellow. What a coincidence. She bought it in Singapore like 20 years ago. Why? Was there a manga-rubbish bin sale somewhere on Orchard Road back in the mid-80’s? Intriguing. And check out the dog that looks like Scooby Doo.


Below: And so finally a hectic few days on the island, it was time to go home. Tiring, but a very good trip. It’s been more than 8 years since my previous visit to the island republic, and i hope it won’t be so long til the next one….


So what’s next on the agenda? I need to clear some leave by next month, so maybe a short weekend break to escape the traffic jams due to the NAM CoB meeting… i dunno where yet, prolly somewhere near and cheap. And we’re still going to ChiengMai this year, right, Pat?!


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