Singapore: Sign of the Times Part 3

This is an ongoing series of photos i took on last trip to Singapore. The first two parts can be seen via the following links:

Singapore: Sign of the Times Part 1
Singapore: Sign of the Times Part 2

The theme is as usual ‘signs‘. Sidenote, I thinking of buying a new digital camera. At the moment I’m looking at a few models, but still not entirely convinced to buy yet. Anyone want to recommend a good one at about RM1200?

Anyways, on with the photos…

Below: Here’s a good one. I wonder if they’ve ever been threatened with a lawsuit by any UK TV companies?


Or better yet, put this image on their shop sign:


(Picture gotten off my friend Mike’s camera…hope you dun mind ah?)

Below: It’s should not be any secret which footie team this tailor supports… (clue: It won’t be Sunderland)


Below: This is from an earlier set. 8 pigs = 1 woman? wow, I learn new things everyday.


Below: Now this is very debatable. How do they know this for sure? EVERY white tiger? Did they do a census and check all the tigers’ birth certificate? What about that white tiger from the TV series Thundercats (Bengali?)? Or the one that attacked Siegfried and Roy?


Below: Eww. The thought of them cutting up a cute pink dolphin (even a post-mortem) is mortifying. Some things are better off not meant to be shown to kids.


Below: This one is good. Check out the bird flu virus man. Got shaped like worms and aliens one, man…


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