Singapore: Sign of the Times Part 1

For those of you who noticed I was away for a few days last month, (yes, all two of you) i actually took a break in [tag]Singapore[/tag] to take in the sights and sounds of the island city.

I had a tight schedule on the short trip, didn’t have an opportunity to meet up with some of my relatives and long-lost friends, and some bloggers too (apologies to Ghost! Next trip, i promise…)

Anyways, I went to lots of places, without saying where, i think most of you can tell from the photos. Here’s the thing about me and photos. Besides the pics of your family and friends standing together with a face ‘Cheese‘ grin and flashing the ‘Peace‘ sign, i take a lot of pics of the scenery and oddities – signs, cars, shops, passers-by, etc.

You won’t see many humans in the following collection of photos – you can get lots of those in other blogs. Its all about the signs…

Below: This is taken as i just arrived near the city. Definitely one road sign you WON’T see in Malaysia…

zion rd

Below: From my hotel room window. It was like 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so yes, you need to turn on your lights in case of a total eclipse of the sun

turn on lights

(ok, yes I know, driving on the highway with your headlights at all times is good practice.)

Below: And the all-powerful ERP gantry that’s the bane of Singaporean drivers.


Below: This is not intentionally funny, but I have to post it. I bet these guys get a ribbing from the Emperor [tag]Penguin[/tag] brothers… “Hey, we’ve got a movie now, and what do YOU guys have, Jackass?!”

jackass penguin

Below: Now you’ll probably find this as a name of a Mamak somewhere in Pandan Indah or Puchong Jaya. Sort of like a local version of [tag]Rum Jungle[/tag].

jungle tandoor

Below: Now this, very disappointing, for those contemplating suicide, or a swim with the alligators. Now they have to think of another way.


Next: More Signs… from Sing-ah-pore.


  • Fashionasia

    1 thing you wont see in Malaysia like what you see in singapore are CLEAN ROADS. Malaysia have tissue paper, plastic bags, chocolate wrappers flying out frm the cars.

  • lilian

    That ERP thingie, I remember it was those annoying regulations that you can’t drive during certain hours etc? The last time I was there in Spore was like 5-6 years ago and we went in unitentionally and was expecting to kena saman Malaysian style but never kena. Wonder if we are still on Singapore Most Wanted list anot?

  • Jason

    lilian : that ERP thingy only switches on during Peak hours around the city. and you have to pay some amount of cash when you enter the ERP zone. Its like automated toll operator, unlike malaysia, we have to build toll booth’s n put someone inside to collect the cash. In singapore, ERP = toll booth. Its faster n more reliable.

  • Jason

    lilian : so i think you enter the erp zone during non-peak hours. Shouldnt be a problem i think, i got worse.. i got onto warning list for over staying in singapore. I’m branded as “illegal malaysian stayin in singapore”. I forgot i was suppose to renew my entry permit every two weeks…so i was quite stunned when they summoned me into the office.. i thought i bring cocaine or sumthin..freak me out really

  • rijac

    btw.. the turn on your lights is because once you enter that part of the CTE (central expressway) you will almost immediately enter a tunnel and we all know you need to have lights on when driving in tunnels.

    regarding erp thingy.. its just toll. but singapore have figured out a way to ensure no one escapes! every car is fitted with a card reader and the card reader is hardcoded to the car itself… so if you don’t have a cash card in the reader and go through a gantry, the ‘gahmen’ will know its you.

    as for malaysian cars coming in, they capture your registration plate on camera, and when you exit singapore they will deduct a daily charge of 5 bucks for ERP (regardless of how many times you went into the CBD). or something like dat lah. so lillian, on your next trip don’t be surprised if you get charged for erp incured during your last trip.

  • simon

    fashionasia – clean roads, and everyone obeys the speed limit, no crazed mat motor squeezing between your car in their illegally modded wira-lution…

    lilian – wah, lilian you very the terror, la!

    ghost – yeah, had a good time. look out for more signs…

    jason – my fren say if you ever get into any of these situations, just say you’re a tourist. don’t know if it works, though.

    buaya69 – wah, brader, long time no see ah?

    cyber-red – well, it’s just 5 hours away… or if you take a plane…

    rijac – i see… but the good thing about toll gates is that you get to torment the clerk for at least 5 seconds every morning with your ‘hi, busy ka?’

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