Hong Kong Memories… Day 1

Yep, i was in Hong Kong with my family last week, it was a beautiful place. It was very hot, though, as hot as Malaysia, plus it’s dry and not much wind despite being an island.

We went to a whole lot of places – Disneyland (stayed a night there), Ocean Park, the night markets, Repulse Bay, the Peak, etc and took a whole lot of photos, but i won’t kill your modem with all the photos here, but i’ll show a few choice photos from each day i was there. So here we go…

On day 1, the first impression after touching down was the new Chek Lap Kok airport. It’s pretty small compared to KLIA, but it’s very crowded:


Onto the streets of Kowloon we go! First pic – a Hong Kong taxi! Just like the ones we see on the famous TV series!!


This is our hotel, BP International. It’s good, but small as most HK hotels are. I later found out BP stands for Baden Powell, which explains the fleur-de-lis and Scout paraphenalia all over the lobby. I can’t even get a good shot of the hotel with so many skyscrapers all around.

our hotel

My wife says this clock tower is famous and has appeared in a lot of HK TV series! (She says that a lot over the length of our stay…) I looks nice, it is located just next to the Star Ferry Terminal.

clock tower

Along the Avenue of Stars, which is like a smaller version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, you can see star plaques for many famous celebrities associated with HK’s film and music industry. All the famous people are there – Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Run Run Shaw, Anita Mui. But this one is the special one…

michelle yeoh

HK is absolutely beautiful at night, seen here during the laser light show that comes on at 8pm every night. The buildings are lighted up and flash together with the music, as seen from Kowloon. A must see if you are there… Even on my cheap camera it looks awesome.


Next, Day 2 – The Peak, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen, and food…

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