A Death In The Family

Last Monday morning, exactly seven days ago, my brother went home to be with the Lord at about seven in the morning. He would have been forty this September.

He fought a short uphill battle against leukemia and chemotherapy, but lost the struggle in less than two short weeks. It was only last year that he endured the indignity of radiotherapy for cancer. I know, life sucks.

When i received the call, I was waiting on the waterfront of a foreign shore. I waited awhile to tell my wife, as she was laughing with my two children almost a stone’s throw away.

When she walked to me, I started with, “I am now the only son left…”

My brother James was vagrant heart, never an easy one to understand, but for a few years in my younger days, i felt i understood him. But in the recent times, we drifted away, just as flotsam away from the promenade i was standing on when i heard the news.

Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse

i would often joke in morbid way to my friends. But in light of this, it only seem a ironic reality far away in the reserves of our collective consciousness. “Blood is thicker than water“, they always say, but life is often always more complicated than two substances for an overused proverb.

Years ago, when i first heard ‘Face to Face’ by the band King James (more irony), i immediately knew it was the song that was to be played at my own funeral. But for my brother, i would gladly lend him the song, even if i was not there for it…

I remember all the good times
How we laughed
I treasure the memories – inside my heart
Did you know your time was through
Why did you have to be so sudden
And it hurts me to be apart
You were my friend
And it conforts me to know
This is not the end
I will always love you
Your memory will not fade away
We will be re-united on that glorious day
I thought i heard a familiar voice
I turned around but you weren’t there
Must have been the sound of the wind
My vision’s clouded now
I only see a poor reflection
But when morning comes
I’ll see your face again
Now we know in part
But then we’ll know even as we are known
I will prepare a place
And you will be with me where i am
I will always love you
Your memory will live in my heart
We will be re-united face to face

Rest in Peace, James, say hi to the angels and our forefathers, and our brothers of the chosen generation.

For my loyal friends who were anticipating some photos of my recent trip, i apologize for it, perhaps another day…


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