Hong Kong Memories… Part 3 – Ocean Park and Victoria Peak

This is the second last in the series of post on my recent trip to [tag]Hong Kong[/tag], you can check out the first and second parts here:

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Okay, okay i know, too many travelogues are a little tiresome, so one more post and i’m done, okay?

So on the third day, it was a free and easy touring day for us. We didn’t have to wake up too early like in the earlier days, but not too late, since we had lots to do and see. This is the view from our hotel room in the morning. All concrete buildings, can hardly see the streets!


So we went for some local ‘wan tan mee‘ for breakfast (at unbelieveable prices) and then we took the MTR from Jordan to Admiralty. Outside the Admiralty station, we took a bus that brought us to…. Ocean Park!

This years OP is celebrating their 30 years anniversary, can’t believe an amusement park that’s so old can still look so good and remain popular as ever. I wonder how Sunway Lagoon will be in 20 years time…?


Ocean Park is located on the hillslopes facing the ocean, it has all the attractions of a good theme park – rollercoasters, fun rides, dolphin live shows, lots of exotic animals, and family fun allround. The park is divided into two parks – Lowland and Headland, connected by cable car and a series of long escalator rides.

First stop – we took the raging river ride – and got wet!!


This one is quite spectacular. The roller coaster goes above the water, while you are swirling around, it feels like you’re going to drip into the ocean anytime… Not for the fainthearted.


There’s a revolving tower that goes up to give you a view of the [tag]Ocean Park[/tag] and surrounding areas like Aberdeen and Repulse Bay. It’s something like the Carlsberg Tower in Sentosa. The view is quite impressive.


We spend almost 10 hours at OP, too many photos to share, but this one is when we were returning to the Lowlands via cable car. It’s a bit scary if you’re afraid of heights – the sea on one side, rocky slopes on the other!


After OP, we went to the top of [tag]Victoria Peak[/tag] via the tram. The view from the top is something not to be missed. I heard in the morning it is better, maybe next trip we’ll come at sunrise…


From the peak, we took a cab to the ferry station and caught a late [tag]Star Ferry[/tag] back to [tag]Kowloon[/tag]… What a tiring but fun day.

And tomorrow… DISNEYLAND!!!


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