Top Ten Thing to Do, See and Eat in Bandung, Indonesia

When my friends found out i was going to Bandung for holidays, most of them asked me “why Bandung?” or “what’s there to do in Bandung?”. Bandung, nicknamed Kota Kembang, is a fantastic holiday destination, but isn’t well known outside Indonesia. While researching for this trip, I also found out that info on the Net about Indonesia’s 4th largest city is pretty scant, so I decided that I’d do a list like this after coming back, so here it is. Bear in mind this is based on my family’s short experience there, there are definitely many more attractions there that we didn’t have time to take in.

The list is divided into 3 general sections: What to see (the natural attractions), what to do (shopping) and what to eat (the food, of course). We’ll start with the biggest attraction of them all:

1. Tangkuban Perahu
Its visible from anywhere in Bandung, and takes an hour’s drive to get up there. It’s cold like Camerons there, and you can look down on Kawah Ratu, the largest of the few volcano craters there. Even from a distance of about 200m, its breathtaking. You can also hike down to see the crater of the live volcano up close, but its a long way down and you have to pay for a guide. The downside is the touts constantly pestering you to buy their trinkets.


While here, you can also check the Sari Ater (or Ciater) hot springs, owned by a private resort. But not much to do other than touch the 35 degree water.


2. Kawah Putih
This is another crater in a different location, but its atop an inactive volcano. Its also cooling due to the high altitude, and i have to say to sight of the turquoise sulfur lake surrounded by grey rocks is something to behold. You can walk up close to the lake edge, but you can’t touch the water. Downside – Its a 2 hour drive here, and not much else to do.


(That’s mean pretending to throw my kid into the sulfur water)

While here, you can also check out Situ Patenggang, a lake surrounded by tea plantations. You can go boating, but my wife said “its just like Taiping lake“.


3. Saung Angklung Udjo
In the midst of the bustling narrow roads and cramped shops in the city center, there is a bamboo covered sanctuary built by the great angklung master Udjo Ngalagena to celebrate the craft and music of the humble bamboo musical instrument.


There is a theater here where you can watch a daily performance of Sundanese music, dance and culture. We only caught the rehearsal here, but the 5 year old performers are extremely talented.


And then we have the shopping, the biggest attraction of Bandung for most Malaysians.

4. Jalan Dago / Riau
This is where most of the factory outlets sell the sisa ekspot garments. Make no mistake, its NOT like Malaysian warehouses, these are upmarket outlets beautifully decorated for you to shop in comfort. You name it, they have it – clothes, jeans, leatherware, bags, shoes, toys, but mainly clothes. And UNBELIEVEABLY cheap.


5. Rumah Mode
This is one of the outlets, but it deserves a special mention. It is the most beautiful outlet, and by far the most popular one. Rich Jakartans (and Malaysians) flock here every weekend to shop for the latest in trendy clothes and high fashion. If you only have time to go to one, I recommend this one. Downside, its in Jalan Setiabudi, far from the other outlets.


6. Jalan Cihampelas
Another street packed with outlets, but here its more catered to teenagers and kids. You can find any and every kind of jeans and tee shirts. Another feature is the statues and decor they use to attract customers. Downside, some shops sell poorer quality stuff here.


Now we move on to the fine dining and local cuisine. Fine dining in Bandung is VERY cheap, you can eat in the classiest restaurants here and the price is only half of what you’d pay for in Malaysia.

7. The Valley

This is the Western spot best we tried. It located on the hilltop, the view is excellent especially at sunset. The food is great, but the ambience is better. It’s in the same area as other restaurants such as The View (we also tried it), the Peak and the Stone Grill.

valley food

8. Kampung Daun

This is another must-try for anyone going to Bandung. It’s a kampung-style dining set in a cultural centre, and you get to eat in your own private hut surrounded by rockface and trees. Food is a combination of Sundanese, Western and Chinese cuisine. On the downside, its quite far from the city centre, plus I’ve read some complaints about the service.

kg food

9. Atmosphere

If you’re looking for the most happening Western restaurant, its at Atmosphere. Here you can eat in a hut surrounded by a pond filled with koi and gigantic Amazonian arapaima. The food is not as good as the earlier two mentioned, but the ambience is one of its kind.

atmos food

10. Local Cuisine

Of course, you can also try the melting pot of local cuisine, Javanese, Sundanese and Chinese. We tried the Sundanese restaurant DapurKu, it was cheap and delicious.

local food

They also sold puffs filled with chocolate or durian, also very tasty.

choc puff

Or you can try one of the thousands of carts selling bakso and mie and other stuff, or the small nasi padang eateries at every street corner.


Another delicacy is the brownie kukus, which we didn’t have the opportunity to try.

Notable mentions: There were lots of other stuff we managed to cram in our 5 days there, but didn’t make the list. There are many historical sites (like Gedung Merdeka) around the city, worth a look if you are into it. Also along Jalan Braga there are lots of art galleries, and teenagers gather on weekends with cars and play music.

We had a great time in Bandung, so good we’re planning to return again, soon… 🙂

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  • mama23beas

    I was surprised when a few of my friends said they were going to Bandung strictly for shopping. Now I know, I’m only interested on craters …anyway, I’m nervous now, not much info about Ranau I got from the net. No mention about hotel there, only homestay kind of accomodation.

  • epicurina

    Hi, I discover your site by googling with “All You Can Eat Bandung”, not quite a match but thankfully I discover something else better here, a foreigner view of Bandung… so thank u for sharing.

    I used to accompanying my KL colleague here during their visit to our clients, and most thing they enjoy is the food varieties =)

  • maymay

    Thanks god that I found ur blog, it’s help me a lot… Coz I’m at Lcct now going to bandung without any info…….

    Hope will catch up more fun there

  • maymay

    Oh simon, I need help, I was lost in my way…. I cant find any travel agent like thailand they have with the tour…. how should i go kawah putih?? should be by cab?

  • simon

    we hired a driver & car (recommended by someone) for 3 days to go outlying areas like kawah putih and tangkuban @ about RM170/day. there aren’t many travel agents there. Maybe you can ask your hotel to rent a car for you? (altho its usually more expensive).

  • simon

    Yeah both very far apart. We went on different days. If im not mistaken the first day we went to tangkuban, kampung daun, shopping and dinner. Second day we went to kawah putih. I rmb kawah putih was veeeery far took us 2 hours to go. Plus its ideal to go to both volcanos in the morning.

  • Vivi

    Hi Simon, thanks for the info we are going to Bandung next month with a group of friends 10pax. May i find out from you, how did you go Tangbuban Parahu? You rent a car? How much they charged?

  • Carmen

    Can anyone recoment the nearest hotel can stay in bandung that are convience for shopping
    Hows is the price for public transposation

  • Arunav

    hey simon, guess what i am in bandung and living in the hotel called hiltion hotel and do you know any villa called mei villa and if you know it thentell me if it is any good living there

  • hermen

    hi i am going to bandung soon. and i wil be staying at novotel. i was wondering could you like send me a list of places to shops n eats that is halal and could you give me directions. if possible 🙂 many thanks.

  • simon

    hi hermen,

    if i recall correctly, novotel is quite centralized. for shopping it really depends on what you are looking for. the above stores should be a start. as for restaurants, the ones i recommend are listed above. they all are halal.

  • Vicky Chong

    Hi Simon,

    I am thinking of going there for 3D2N. Your blog was extremely helpful. Any reasonable price hotel to recommend?

    Thanks and regards,

  • Michael

    Hi Simon,
    Our Group of 13 persons will be in Bangdung for 4 days 3 night and stay in Novotel .
    WE would apprecaite if could advise us where can we have good chinese sea food and local food with reasonable price, and also place must visit.

  • Sharon Fiza

    After reading more on bandung on TripAdvisor website, and stumbling your blog it is really good. Hope you can update it as it was on 2009. and be quite sometime. But thank you for sharing your experience!


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  • Shami Lo

    Hi Simon,

    Im visiting Bandung next Jan and would like to know if you can give me the details of your driver to that I could rent him for a day tour?

    Many thanks.

  • norcahaya

    This february will be my 2nd trip to bandung. The last was october 2012 3days2nights trip. It`s too short of time but we managed to visit Tangkuban Perahu. Very nice view from the top. But never buy souvenirs from there because it is sooo expensive compared the one sale in town. There will be people trying to be your tour guide and u have to pay 100rp per pax and if u agreed they will guide u until down the hill and along the way u will be provoke to buy their products/souvenirs and mind me they are not CHEAP. (Jangan terpedaya dgn kata kata manis mereka). To me it is not worth it to spend 3-4 hours walking down the slop and there is nothing much to see. especially if u do not have stamina or if u are old and with children below 5.

    As for shopping there is also of places to shop especially Pasar Baru Trade Centre. U will find everything there besides factory outlet. For those who love massaging pls do not miss their SPA. very cheap.

    Bandung is a food paradise. For malays dont worry of halal food because it is mostly halal in bandung as 90% of their citizen is a muslim. Try their sundanese food, javanese food such as nasi padang, ayam penyet, tauhu semedang and many more. their fruit that sells along the street is owesome. very creative though.

    Well alot more to tell but i have very little time. Just enjoy yr first trip and u will enjoy more the next trip….trust me!!!

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  • ahmad alifa

    Salam akak and abang

    Nak minta izin iklan sikit yee,,peace.

    sapa orang yang nak gi bandung murah bolehlah try pakej jimat ay murah jer RM229 per person for 4day3night

    (rate termasuk 3 bilik room 3star hotel-swiming pool and tengah banda loxcation,FULL transport, and buffeet breakfast) MURAH GILLLER KEHHHH!! (confirm)

    Programnye free and easy jer ya akak sila nak pegi mana sahaja kat bandung

    contoh butiran perjalanan

    firstday (shopping day)
    >Bandung airport or train station Bandung banda
    >Pasar Baru membeli belah
    >Toko Tiga (Branded Jeans)
    >depasion factory outlet kain potong
    >rumah kain dan telekung
    >Factory Outlet At Jalan Riau and dago

    seconday (explore north bandung)
    >Gunung Tangkuban Parahu
    >floating market
    >sariater Hot Spring
    >kampung daun restaurant / dusun bambu
    >wisata naik kuda
    >Strawberry and tea park
    >Membeli-belah di Rumah Mode & Cihampelas Jeans Centre

    thirdday (explore north bandung)
    >kawah putih crater
    >trans studio indoor themes park
    >rengganis crater
    >situ pattenggang lake / paris van java shopping mall / cihampelas street / ciwalk shopping mall
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    trimakasih dan selamat berjumpa kat bandung,,,,, peace and love

  • Michelle

    Trip to Bandung what is your recommend 5days 4 nights ….. Is it possible to stay 1 night near volcano to enjoy cooling weather ….
    Please advice

  • Michelle

    What is your recommendation of hotel near volcano or can we rent an mpv with driver ?? Do u have any local agent can recommend !!

  • dhani bandung

    Salam sejahtera Tuan / Puan semoga semua senantiasa diberikan kesehatan dan dimurahkan rezeki nya (amiin). kami disini nak menawarkan semua kereta tuk (Bandung/Jakarta City Tour). Bagi siapapun Tuan / Puan yang dah ada plan tuk bercuti di Bandung/Jakarta dan memerlukan kereta untuk transportasi semasa di Bandung/Jakarta boleh sahaja PM atau Whatssapp sahaja dekat
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    Day 1
    > airport bandung or train station bandung
    >Pasar Baru
    >lunch at kedai makan kemangi try special menu *ayam bakar jerebu
    >Toko Tiga (Branded Jeans)
    >depasion factory outlet kain potong
    >rumah kain dan telekung
    >Factory Outlet At Jalan Riau and Jalan dago
    >dinner at restaurant padang *sederhana

    Day 2
    >Gunung Tangkuban Parahu Crater
    >floating market Lembang, deranch, taman bunga begonia, pelangi waterfall, the lodge of maribaya, grafika cikole Lembang
    >lunch at DSDL Restaurant try special menu *ayam nyumpet
    >Strawberry and tea park
    >Membeli-belah di Rumah Mode & Cihampelas Jeans Centre & factory outlet
    >dinner at iga bakar mas giri try special menu *iga bakar (ribs) penyet

    day 3
    >kawah putih crater or trans studio bandung (pilih salah satu jer)
    >lunch at saung andir restaurant try makan menu kampung *ayam goreng brengsek
    >cibaduyut street area barangan kulit
    >masjid agung bandung, alun2 area and braga area
    >paris van java shopping mall
    >dinner at BML try the original bakso at bandung

    >check out hotel bandung
    > Oleh-2 Bandung (cake Lapis, Brownies Amanda, dan Kartika Sari)
    >Airport transfer

    *rate per person :
    RM370 per person if 2 person
    RM295 per person if 3 person
    RM260 per person if 4 person
    RM235 per person if 5 person
    RM230 per person if 6 person
    RM220 pdr person if 7 person

    *rate included
    ~transportation type kereta is toyota avanza or Luxio included = petrol,parking,pemandu,kereta dan high way tiket.
    ~1 room at new hotel berbintang at bandar dimuat 2 person semasa 4d3n
    ~buffet breakfast

    *rate is not included
    ~lunch and dinner
    ~entrance fee per kereta and entrance fee per person at tempat lawatan

    *no hidends charge

    kenapa ANDA harus harus order dengan saya???

    ✔Berpengalaman luas di dalam bidang pelancongan Bandung
    ✔Perkhidmatan ; layanan yang PANTAS, MESRA, AMANAH, & JUJUR
    ✔BERUSAHA bersungguh-sungguh kepada anda SERVICES ORIENTED
    ✔Pelanggan mesti BERPUAS HATI & GEMBIRA
    ✔Pelanggan akan menjadi KAWAN kepada saya

    LAJU2 PM

    +62 8956 0220 4291

    +62 8956 0220 4291

    +62 8956 0220 4291

    email & fb
    [email protected]

    tanya shj pun xapa, survey2 dahulu..xsalah pun.. tk mau malu2 yer

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