Meeting The Justice League in the Flesh

One fine day two weeks ago we were bored sitting at home during the school holidays (actually I was the one bored, my kids were having the time of their lives) so we decided to go shopping.

Not wanting to join in the mad crowds at 1 Utama or Mid-Valley, we decided to join the mad crowds at Sunway Pyramid instead.

We made it just in time for the ‘Justice League Meet & Greet’ session. Look how cool and slim the three of them look!


Anyway there was some time to kill before the event started, so we checked out the stalls and displays. This is specifically to tell you that ‘I Am BATMAN’, just in case you mistake him for ‘crazed psychopath vigilante dressed in tights and pointy mask’. That’s my daughter in the middle, not Batgirl.


That’s Batman again, obviously desperately needing to go to toilet very soon…


And so its gonna start soon… can you feel the excitement?! the energy?! (Actually no, i was too busy checking out Studio R’s sale)


And here they come! First it was Wonder Woman! Then The Flash! And then Batman!


Frankly, Wonder Woman looked REALLY bored. Batman seemed to have put on some weight since KFC opened a branch in Gotham City. And Flash, well, his ‘muscles’ and ‘abs’ look suspiciously like foam padding…


They didn’t do much except come out, pose a bit, and take photos with the kids. No singing and acting or dancing. Damn. No wonder its called ‘Meet & Greet’.

Check out Wonder Woman’s muka syok sendiri below. Hey, wait, didn’t they say Justice League? What happened to the other 4?! Where’s Superman?! And the other 3 keh-leh-feh (Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and the Martian weirdo)?! No budget to pay extra royalty izzit?


And Flash, mmm i dunno, every time i see him kinda reminds me of Barry Allen’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths


Anyway these are pics of random kids posing with the superheroes. Checked the incredulously stunned look on the faces of the two kids above… I guess they just realized that their idols are just 2 guys and a girl in rubber suits and padding. FatmanBatman loves kids and all, but he’s got a tight schedule to save the world from baddies and pig out at KFC Gotham City…

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  • Boone

    That’s so cool…I always wanted a pic with Bats, not that crazy about the rest of the faggot bunch from the JL though….

    I managed to bump into Vader and his bunch of cronies from the Dark Side in 1-U a couple of weeks back. Good thing I had my camera with me, managed to snap a few pics of Vader swatting away with his lightsaber. Boba Fett was too busy with little girls to pose for a shot with me.

  • Ponytail

    Yeah man! Batman is really a Fatman!….i’ll probably be more attracted to Studio R sale…hehehe

    Hey, this reminds me that I got a photo taken with Darth Vader too….many many years ago…now I need to go and dig it out, wonder where it is now…

  • giddy tigress

    Muahahahahah!!!!! This post had me in stitches, because whatever I was thinking as I looked at the pictures, you blogged it. And that lil boy in the last photo probably didn’t want to be posing at all…

  • simon

    boone – Superman is NOT a faggot!!!

    ponytails – eh studio R sale actually quite good wor.

    cc – no la, batman a bit old oredi, got spare tire now.

    giddy tigress – lol we kinda think alike!

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