My New Fully Leather Sofa Recliner Set :)

i’d had my old PVC sofa set since i got married and moved into my home some 9 years ago, and let me tell you this – PVC sofa sets don’t last long and they don’t look good after a few years of heavy usage. But it did serve us well over the years, considering we got it super el cheapo from some export surplus place, together with my dining set.

Sooo-ooo… after shopping around for a few months, and checking out almost every decent store that sold fully leather sofas, like Lorenzo (so expensive! even during sale!!), Harvey Norman (also expensive! But i liked the La-Z-Boy) and many others…

So we finally decided to get it from this place called Sofa & Recliners in Sunway Damansara, they have a wide range of leather ones. We got this set at 30% off, fully imported leather (dead cows from Brazil). It looks like this:


It comes in a three-seater,


And a two-seater (btw there’s a pocong behind there).


The three-seater has two recliners. That’s my seat on the left:


And the two seater has one, custom made to your preference:


Here we have two happy customers to demonstrate how to recline the chairs:


If you push it down to the max, it gets nearly horizontal. And here they are demonstrating how to carry out proper resting on the chair:



So that’s the sofa set. Now for my flat screen TV next πŸ™‚

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