Off To The Port of Incense

As you guys are reading this, I will be in Hong Kong for a long awaited holiday with my family.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Victoria Peak

Ocean Park

I thought of using Twitter to doing a live update while i am there, but decided against it when i took into account the SMS charges! Anyway, when i come back there’ll be loads of pics to share, some more my digital camera got 2MB card one…

If you don’t know how Twitter works, you should check it out.

Meanwhile, let’s hope the weather holds up in Hong Kong while i am there. Among the many places we’re going, we are also planning to drop by Tai Cheong bakery, where there’s this famous ‘taat tart’ (egg tart), supposedly to be Chris Patten’s favorite (Patten was the last British governer of Hong Kong).

See you guys back in Malaysia…!


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