Spring in Korea Part 6 – Back to Busan & Taejongdae

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So on Day 3, it was an early morning, took a short taxi ride to Jeju airport. From there, we took Jeju Air back to Busan.

Coffee and hallabong juice from Angel-in-Us at the airport.

Bye bye, rainy Jeju. Time for Busan. It’s an hour flight to Busan, and from Gimhae we took an airport subway to the city.

Immediately, out of the train station, we saw a stall selling eomuk (fish cake), a local delicacy.

Never to early to start eating.

Navigating the bus routes in Busan, we reached our hotel. GnB is a very new business hotel, and in a very good location.

Their rooms are quite small, but they are affordable.

This is where we had breakfast and supper every day.

Right after dropping off our luggage, we went out for lunch. Today we are trying dwaeji gukbap, or pork soup. This place near Busan station was highly rated online.


It’s basically pork belly and meatballs in a light broth, with vegetables and noodles thrown in. It comes with some spicy vegetables and kimchi condiments. Quite a hearty meal, but nothing really spectacular. After eating our fill, time to go to Taejongdae. We had many places to visit in Busan, and most of them a long way of by bus (or subway). I couldn’t visit them all, so I picked only a few for my 3 days here, and one of them was Taejongdae. It took a 45 minute bus ride to get there.

Taejongdae is on a hilltop peninsular jutting out to the sea. It really is at the end of Busan. Even the small town there is deserted. But they have Angel-in-us coffee!

Taejongdae has a road that meanders through a nature park with breath-taking views of the ocean from atop a hill. The trek around the mountain is quite hilly and is about 4km. On the plus side, there is a tram that stops at a few interesting spot. On the downside, due to wet roads, the trams were NOT running today.

So we decided to walk. Uphill. 4km. Not too bad.

On a clear day, you can see the Tshushima islands in Japan. Not today, though.


There are lots of stops along the way, with interesting things to see, including that famous landmark with the red circle. We saw it from the top but didn’t walk down the steps to see it.


This is Yeongdo lighthouse, marking halfway through the walk. The red circle monument is just below it.

Two overgrown kids in a playground.

About two-thirds in, there’s a convenience store where you can sit and enjoy the view.

The view of the city centre. That’s Gwanggali beach on the right with the Gwangandaegyo bridge fronting it.

Anyway, after a tiring but fulfilling trek, we finally completed the mountainous route.

Next – Dinner in Nampodong.


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