Spring in Korea Part 7 – Dinner in Nampodong & Gukje Market

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After our long walk in Taejongdae, we took a bus back to the city, getting off at Nampodong.

Nampodong is the main shopping district in Busan. There are some upmarket fashion and healthcare shops on the main road. On the parallel and side streets are packed with restaurants.

Here I found a tiny shopping mall with an underground bookstore.

The bookstore was quite big, I bought a Korean translation of Totto-chan for a friend.

We didn’t find any restaurants that piqued our interests, so we walked back towards our hotel. All the shopping streets and markets in Busan are interlinked in the same area, so its sometimes hard to know where one ends and another starts. We walked through Gukje Market (also known as Kkantong Market) and Bupyeong Market.

We found a stall selling these pastries, but they didn’t really taste like what we expected.

Gukje is a traditional market selling fresh produce, meat, hawker food and some souvenirs. After 7pm snack stalls appear along the main walkway.

We found a stall selling chocolate crepes…

…and another one selling egg waffles HK-style.

For dinner, we decided on this little shop selling eomuk (fishcakes). I think every good restaurant or stall in Korea has been featured in a TV program before.

We tried their eomuk, gimbap and halmae pajeon.

The meal was quite good, the more interesting thing about the meal was two friendly old Korean men beside our table fascinated by us tourists eating there. They kept trying to impress us with their (very limited) English, how to hold those steel chopsticks, their business ventures (some health drink) and hobbies (one of them is a martial arts instructor). They probably had one too many soju drinks.

Anyway, after dinner we walked back towards the hotel. We found this shop selling amazing-looking pastries.

We were too full to eat anymore but we came back the next night since our hotel was so near.

This is the view of the market entrance from my hotel room, its just across the street. Very good location. A very long and tiring day in Busan today, and it is just our first day. But very happy and full…


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