7 Seasons of 30 Rock

These past few years I don’t really watch many shows due to lack of time. Gone are the days when i can follow up to ten weekly shows plus anime series. These days i can only do a handful, and only if they are highly recommended.

One of the holdovers from those earlier days is the comedy 30 Rock. I just watched the series finale, bringing and end to seven seasons. Lets face it, 30 Rock is not popular. No one else i know watches it, let alone appreciates it. One friend even asked me after watching a few episodes in season 1, “Funny meh?”

Yes, i found 30 Rock funny. For the first few seasons, in my opinion one of the smartest show on TV. I just love how they bring sitcom humour to a higher level, and all the inside jokes about TV industry. But sadly, just like all good shows, this one jumped the shark. I’m not particularly sure when, i there was a point when Jenna’s weekly shenanigans started to become more and more unbelievable, and Tracy Jordan become even more annoying (that was one character i never liked from day one).

All i know was the last 3 seasons i lost the urge to watch it, but i kept on going until the end, cos at its worst it was still one of the best sitcoms on TV.

So it has ended, the finale as irreverent as the series always has been. Ive been told quite a few new shows match up to the standard created by 30 Rock – Parks & Recreations, Modern Family and Arrested Development. I didn’t find Parks & Recreation funny at all, just a little annoying. Maybe one day I’ll start on the other two.

Meanwhile, the Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls are still on my watch list.

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