Random Baton from Germany

My favourite [tag]German[/tag] blogger Jay has tagged me to do a ‘baton’ ([tag]meme[/tag]), it turned out to be quite fun, actually…

Take the book next to you, go to page 18 and quote line 4:
“Just Click OK to close it”. (It’s a software handbook, no prizes for guessing correctly.)

Reach out as far as you can with you’re right arm – what can you grab?
My phone. It’s a pretty small desk.

What was the last TV-Show you watched?
On real TV, i happened to catch the first episode of the new season on this show called ‘The Bachelor’. I’ve never heard of it, and I don’t know which season it is, and as cheesy as it was, i watched through it.
On my notebook, I think it was the latest episode of the Amazing Race 9. That Mojo team is so bitchy.

With the exception of you’re computer, to what are you listening at the moment?
Let me see, in desk drawer, I currently have 5 discs – Aerosmith, Enya, Metallica, Pet Shop Boys and Manowar. I’m concerned as to how the Enya disc appeared here!

When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
This morning. To get breakfast.

What did you do before answering this questionnaire?
I was in the toilet. Well, you asked.

What are you wearing at the moment?
Yellow (ex-)company polo T and me favourite pair of jeans. The shirt is old, fraying thread appear after each wash. Won’t last much longer, I reckon.

Did you dream last night?
Nope. I hardly dream at night these days. Only in the day time during working hours.

When was the last time you had to laugh?
Probably last night. I was together with the gang. We always laugh. I remember I had to sing the old 70’s Coca Cola ad song sang to the tune to the Hillside Singers’ ‘Like to Teach the World to Sing ‘.

What occupies the walls of the room, in which you are currently sitting?
Nothing. Pure white emptiness.

Did you see something strange lately?
This morning. At the McDonald’s this strange family left their tray of fast food rubbish on the chair of the restaurant. Weird.

What do you think about this questionnaire?
It’s OK, could be better.

What was the last movie you watched?
40-Year Old Virgin. Far too much swearing for my liking.

What would you buy if you’d be rolling in money?
A maroon Ford Escape 3.0. First thing on my list.

Tell something about yourself, which I don’t know yet.
When I was young, I loved to eat cheese. Not anymore.

If you could change one thing at our world, what would that be?
No racism.

Do you like dancing?
Nope. Never liked it.

George Bush
He’s funny. Not intentionally, though.

If you’re first child was a girl, how would you call it?
My first child IS a girl. I had wanted to call her Ariel, the name prophet Isaiah gave Holy City… but Disney ruined it for me.

And if it was a boy?
Calvin. After John Calvin the Reformist.

Would you see it as a possibility for you to emigrate?
Maybe. I dunno. The diaspora never ended, I suppose.

What would you tell god reaching the heaven’s gate?
I made it, thanks for everything.

Five people you want to answer this questionnaire:
Everyone reading this.
Hey, maybe ponytales can try it! (after she comes back from Bangkok, of course.)


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