Fridge Magnets

My family is one of those that put lots of magnets on the refridgerator. I dunno, we don’t specifically collect them, but we always end up getting freebie ones together when we buy stuff from the pharmacy or supermarket.

Rather than throw them away, we use them to stick up shopping lists, important articles, kid’s drawings, threatening letters from our banks demanding repayment of outstanding loans, etc…

Some days i come home and there are new ones on the ‘fridge door.

Today, i decided to take a pic of them.

(bear in mind, this is just after my kid just broke a few of the porcelain ones, so what you see is a lot less than what we usually have…)

Lots of ’em:


Close up shot (no, we never order from Domino’s, they’re too blardy expensive, we just keep it there to remind ourselves how a pizza looks like)


But, hey, what that on the bottom right corner? It’s what you get when Minishorts uses WordPress.com


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  • zyrin

    my fridge, too, has a lot of magnets. and yes, my nephews/nieces has this thing about breaking ’em.

    as for those ‘hello kitty’ magnets you get from guardian, i stick ’em on my file cabinet at the office!! ahaha… saja jer…

  • lucia

    many people collect door magnets. and some collects them from other countries. when they know of friends going overseas, they insist they buy door magnets as souvenir for them!

    i do have some magnets on my fridge door, but very few lah. i’m not really a collector.

    btw simon, what happened to your post regarding the doctor in your old place? you deleted it off?

  • Naz

    Pfizer manufactures Viagra for the “extra lift”.
    I shrudder to think what MINIpress does for the male anatomy…

  • simon

    CLF – take a pic! take a pic!

    pat – i’d like to see david caruso come into my kitchen!!! on second thots…

    zyrin & consuela – if you spend RM30 above at Guardian pharmacy, you’ll get one. i buy lots of panadol, so…

    inevitable – viagra? apa tu? 🙂

    mama23beas – actually. i’ve no idea where the dolphins ones came from. i think it’s from singapore.

    ken – you’ll get the hang of it… soon enough.

    lucia – we just dun throw them away. so it goes straight to the fridge.

    Naz – hmmm… let me call pfizer…

    minishorts – ah, but does he have the MINIPRESS one…?

    anjali – that’s funny. my kid always breaks the nice ones. I don’t think its a coincidence.

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