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Top Ten Predictions for 2006 That Will Most Likely Come True

Published by on January 2, 2006

Happy New Year everyone. This, incidentally, is the first post for the year 2006.

Every year at this time of the year, I read lots of people and their predictions for the year – this candidate would win that election, price of this commodity will reach a record price, blah blah blah. Even celebrities like Lillian Too are getting into the act.

OK, let me make some bold predictions for 2006.

  • Price of petrol will NOT decrease. In fact, I think it will most likely increase.

  • There will be more than a few headlines about some GLC running into some administrative or financial trouble

  • The Malaysian football team will NOT win any important tournaments.

  • Malaysian life and businesses will come to a virtual standstill some time in July this year. But yet lots of money will change hands.

  • There will be a few more horror movies released from Korea and Japan about scary little girl ghosts. Trust me.

  • There will be another attempt by Malaysians to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the category of Longest / Highest / Biggest / Most / Scariest something… I but really predict the exact details, but I definitely see it in the horizon.

  • The KLCI will NOT breach 2000 points.

  • The following teams will not win the EPL, or the FA Cup – West Brom, Everton and Portsmouth.

  • Next few days there will be one or two articles in the papers about a Chinese / Tamil rural school with only 3 new Primary One students.

  • More NS dodgers in the papers.

Let’s hope there will be more good news than bad ones this year.

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  1. lilian Said,

    Lilian too also want to jump on the bandwagon. Lilian too says ‘Blogging will get more prominent, for good or bad.’ This Lilian too is spelt with one l.

  2. Sashi Said,

    England will NOT win the World Cup.

    Arsenal won’t win anything. Heheheh….

  3. Lian Said,

    1. More natural disasters.
    2. One of the TV channels showing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai again.
    3. Haze.
    4. Me continue to breath threats to my children (If you guys … then I will ….) It’s a bad habit to break.

  4. Ken Said,

    1. I will visit the cinema less from January to June.
    2. I will lose more weight than 2005.
    3. Chelsea will rock the world once more.

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Ken Said,

    4. there will be more Chelsea fans.

  6. Jee Said,

    My bold prediction for Malaysian this year, there will NOT be more good news than bad ones this year lol..

  7. nadia Said,

    and not to mention there’ll be more mawkish malay movies starring who else but erra fazira. *smirk

  8. hcfoo Said,

    – Mawi will star in his movie debut
    – a Malay winner in Malaysian Idol 3
    – Brazil, the winner of World Cup 2006

  9. eyeris Said,

    eyeris will once again attempt and fail to complete Nanowrimo….

  10. simon Said,

    lilian – heh, i spelt ‘lillian too’ correctly this time…

    sashi – oof…

    lian – right. when is haze season starting again..?

    ken – damn right on the chelsea fans.

    jee – sad, but most likely true.

    nadia – and ziana zain too.

    hcfoo – and i suspect an american will win american idol. and AF4 will also be won by a guy, no matter how talented the girls are.

    eyeris – ow, c’mon, you’re getting nearer every year, right?

  11. WTJ Said,

    that’s fate

  12. Jack Said,

    Might wanna check this site out

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