Spring in Korea – Transport & Internet

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As with most of my recent travelogues, I’ll do a short guide on internet and transport in Busan and Jeju.



just as I did with Hokkaido, I went with portable Wi-Fi from Travel Recommends. I really like the convenience and their good products. For this trip, the Wi-Fi device had awesome battery strength, able to last a day and a half of full usage. This contrasted with the Japan device we booked previously, the device would be drained after about 4 hours. The connection speed was decent, enough for our usage (it was much faster than the Unifi at home, so no complaints from me).



In Jeju, we hired a driver for the second day. We paid KRW 130,000 per day for the full 8 hours. Upon arrival at the airport, we boarded the airport shuttle bus to our hotel. On the third day, we took a taxi to the airport from our hotel.

In Busan, we relied on public transport to get around. Busan’s metro subway system is not as extensive as Seoul. In addition to that, Busan is a rather mountainous city and the attractions are spread quite far apart, so the subway is rather of limited use to us. We relied heavily on city buses, which are quite efficient, but is sometimes time-consuming. We took taxi twice, mainly to save time and to avoid walking too far between attractions.

We used the Hanaro card extensively for public transport. For my children, you need to tell the counter staff clearly that they are for students below 18, as their fare is lower than adults. For some subway trips we bought single-use tickets, when our Hanaro cards had insufficient funds.


So there’s a basic round up for your reference. Now on to our itinerary proper.

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