Japan 2016 : Part 21 – Wrap Up

This is the concluding post in an ongoing travelogue. To start at the very beginning, click here.

On the final day of our stay here, we had to get up early for our flight. The journey back to Kansai Airport consist of a subway ride, and some walking to transit to a lengthy train journey.

(so we had to go downstairs for breakfast right when the restaurant opened)

(the modern and sleek bullet train. too bad we didn’t get to try it this trip)

Once you get to Kansai, make sure you get your money and deposit refunded for your ICOCA card. You can only get your refund from the counter, not from the reload machines outside. The problem with the counter is the line is very long and moves slowly, so if you are rushing for your flight, it may be troublesome. I guess the thing is that a lot of the people at the counter here are taking their own sweet time asking numerous questions about the ticket packages (which personally I feel can be researched online beforehand). But anyway.

Anyway, we boarded our AirAsia flight home.

(AirAsia crew doing their holiday spirit cheer)

So in summary, Japan was our best (and probably longest?) holiday abroad. And it was the most challenging to plan, especially initially. But once you get the hang of it, and get advice from the right people, it was okay.

So we left Japan with a lifetime of memories of all the beautiful places and food. Will we come back again? I would say definitely. Maybe a trip to Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms, and Sapporo to see the winter. When would that be, I wonder? Not too many years from now, hopefully.

Goodbye for now, until the next trip!

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