Japan 2016 : Part 21 – Our Last Dinner in Japan

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So it has been a long final day for us. Walking the length and breadth of the central district of Osaka, and visiting Kuromon Ichiba Market twice. Before leaving the market in the late afternoon, we stopped for a caffeine break in this place. As with all the coffee shops here (with the exception of Starbucks), there’s a one-person-one-order policy.

I did not know that UCC is actually a Japanese brand until just before my trip. No wonder the brand is used by a lot of the coffee places here. There’s even a UCC Coffee Museum in Kobe.

This place has a unique way of brewing their coffee.

(our selection of 4 different brews)

By the time we reached back to hotel, it was sunset already.

After a short rest, it was time to venture out for food again. For our final dinner, we decided to walk around our hotel and try a restaurant near here.

(there’s a mahjong club two doors down my hotel)

My hotel is right smack in a central business district, so in the evenings it is rather quiet. There are a few BBQ restaurants filled with Japanese men wearing suits, having sake and dinner after work. But these restaurants are catered to locals, with no English menu nor do they speak it.

After circling our block, we finally decided to try this sukiyaki restaurant. Its a popular chain here, I’ve seen other branches across the city. Since I’ve not tried sukiyaki in Japan, I thought why not give it a try.

The place had neighbourhood restaurant feel to it. The guy to took our order was an Indian, believe it or not. So we had the luxury of ordering in proper English, not merely pointing to the menu.

in the end I didn’t order the sukiyaki, ended up trying the curry rice set.

(my curry rice set)

On the way back to hotel, we stopped for my daughter to buy a can of coffee from the vending machine.

And so ends our 8 days in Japan, tomorrow we’ll be flying back to Malaysia…

Next – Wrap up.

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