Macau & Hong Kong 2016 : Part 11 – An Extra Day in Macau

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So Day 6 we were supposed to fly back to KL at 10.45am. So we took an early cab from the hotel to the airport. The morning was very misty and we arrived in the hotel very early. After waiting around for the shops to open, we had breakfast at the McDonald’s. They serve macaroni soup in McD’s here.

So then we checked in our luggage and propped ourselves in the waiting lounge and waited. they have charging stations and limited free wifi there. As we approached boarding time, we noticed none of the morning flights were taking off, due to the thick fog. Outside, on the runway, visibility was only a few meters. Our flight was delayed, but as it approached noon, the fog lifted and a few flights were able to take off. But not ours, as the incoming flight didn’t land. In fact, it was diverted to Hong Kong.

So long story short, Our flight was delayed to the next day, Saturday 7 am. So we practically, had one extra day to spend. Since I bought AirAsia’s TuneInsure and a separate travel insurance, the claims totaled up to about 40% of our whole travel expenditure including hotels and tickets. But of course, the claims can only be processed once we returned home safely, so at the time in the airport, we had some other things to settle.

First thing, since it was about 12.30pm, the airline gave us meal vouchers for the lunch at the airport restaurant. Most of the restaurants were packed as we weren’t the only flight delayed. We had a choice of curry chicken or beef noodles, we all chose the former.


After lunch we had to be taken by the staff to go through immigration again, then claim our baggage. We then took a cab to Taipa, the nearest town to the airport. The driver recommended this hotel called Inn Hotel. Yes, I know, what a name for a hotel…


the hotel was quite nice, about MOP750 a night for a twin sharing room. The room was pretty big and newer than Beverly Plaza.


After checking into the hotel and depositing all our stuff, we went out into Taipa for a walkabout.

(view of Cotai from across the lake. The fog had returned in the early afternoon).

Basically, we visited all the sights we missed during our earlier visit here.

(our lady of Carmo church, during our earlier visit we were too lazy to walk up the hill to see this)

(Some famous Portuguese poet)

We then walked down to the newer part of Taipa village. We found this café called E.S.kimo with a really good offer on pork chop buns. So we actually ordered two.


The day was still early, so we checked out Galaxy Hotel and Casino.


(monkey faced orchid)


(the hourly show with the chandelier and giant diamond. You’ll understand when you see it)


Next – when we REALLY leave Macau.

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