Macau & Hong Kong 2016 : Part 10 – Lung Wah Teahouse

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Day 5 greeted us with light showers. Not heavy like in Malaysia, anyway its a good thing we’ve done most of the outdoors stuff over the earlier days. Today’s plan is to go across the city to try this dim sum place called Lung Wah Teahouse. If you’re an avid fan of Hong Kong TV serials and movies, you’d no doubt have seen this place before. Most recently it was featured in the Chow Yuen Fatt movie ‘From Vegas to Macau II’.

Had to take a bus up north of the city and get off once you see the Red Market. The teahouse is just next to it.

(it was rainy and cold)

(you need to take the pedestrian walkway to cross the road)

And there it is above.


Take the stairs up.


if you can, take a seat at the booth seat next to the iconic green windows.


Its called a teahouse as they sell a wide variety of Chinese tea. The dim sum is self service, but they have an all-Chinese menu at your table.

The place was surprising quiet that morning. Maybe it’ll get busier during the weekends. The owner was very friendly and correctly guessed that we were from Malaysia. He even gave us a couple of Macau postcards. Not that anyone sends postcards anymore.



After breakfast we took a walk through the Red Market. It’s a wet market and it was quite busy that morning. The stalls spilled out onto the road behind.


In a well hidden shop, we found this old couple selling traditional biscuits. We bought some to try, there’s a particular type I haven’t eaten since I was a kid.


Next on the itinerary, wanted to walk in the areas surrounding Largo Senado. Near the St. Joseph Seminary & Church, I saw this place. Maybe our St. Augustine had coffee here a few centuries ago?


St Joseph is quite a large church.



Just opposite the church is Dom Pedro V. Theatre. Rather small theatre in a very beautiful old building.


Sooner or later, we ended in Largo Senado and ruins of St. Paul again. And this crowded food street again.


But today for lunch, we were on hunt for a well-known restaurant serving roasted duck and chicken. Took awhile in the confusing side streets to find this.



(and a plate of sang mee)

Nearby this place is something else you must not miss – Leitaria I Son milk pudding (Yee Shun). Reputed to be the best in Macau, the milk pudding is milky and smooth. And when you are there, try the milk tea also. We stopped by here while waiting for the rain to lighten up. Too bad we didn’t take any pictures.

We ended up walking back to the hotel, but taking a stop at Margaret’s for egg tarts for tomorrow’s breakfast.


We didn’t go out that night. We were supposed to fly back to KL the next morning, so we thought to have an early night. We had some roast duck leftover from lunch, so our dinner was instant noodles with roast duck with coffee.

Who’d knew we’d get an extra day in Macau thanks to AirAsia. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That’ll be next.

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