Macau & Hong Kong 2016 : Part 5 – Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul

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After dinner, our very long day was not over yet. Since Restaurante Escada is very near Senado Square, we took walk there even though we had earlier planned to come on a later day. But as we kept saying, throughout the trip, “everywhere is near in Macau”.

Most people come to Senado Square and the ruins of St. Paul in the day time for the photo ops, but coming here during the night has some benefits. For one, it isn’t crowded. During the summer you can’t even squeeze through the throngs. Secondly, the lighting is quite beautiful.

Senado Square is basically a … ummm, square. Not much else, besides the fountain and shops around it.


(Let me guess… Holy house of ummm, er, Mercy?)

The square is covered with this porcelain like tiles you see all over the place. Along the sidewalks they make patterns / motifs like fish or boats.


On the last stretch of walkway before reacing St. Paul, there’s a narrow strip packed with shops selling local confectionery, beef jerky and souvenirs. Everyone comes here at least once if you are in Macau. On the way back we bought some Portuguese egg tarts for tomorrow’s breakfast.


At the end of the street is none other than the ruins itself. judging from the facade, the original church must have been huge during its heyday.



The old church is also on a hill site, affording a good view of the city. Can see the Grand Lisboa clearly.


While we were there, they were shooting something some documentary or promotional feature, something about commemorating Macau’s return to China rule.



Time to go back. On the way we stopped by Wynn to catch the music fountain again.



This was the egg tart we bought. Doesn’t it just looks yummy?


So ends our first full day in Macau. No doubt we had a good sleep that night.

Next – Hong Kong, baby!

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