Macau & Hong Kong 2016 : Part 4 – Fine Dining at Escada

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After a long first day out and about in Macau, we went back to the hotel in the afternoon for a rest. In the early evening, we went out again for dinner. For tonight’s dinner, we planned to eat at Escada, a fine dining restaurant service authentic Macanese-Portuguese cuisine.

It was drizzling very lightly, but light enough for us to walk all the way from our hotel. On the way we stopped by to buy some Portuguese egg tarts from Margaret’s Cafe e Nata, but by the time we found the well hidden shop, it was already closed. Apparently it closes at 6 pm and we just missed it by about half an hour. There are two famous Portuguese egg tart shops in Macau – Lord Stowe’s in Coloane and this shop run by his ex-wife, Margaret. And also according to news reports, Margaret sold the recipe to KFC for a multi-million dollar deal. But no worries, we’ll be passing by here very often, and just a few doors down is another Macau favourite, Tai Lei Lok Kei. They’re famous for the pork chop bun.

This is the shop, they have many branches all over Macau.


And THIS, my friends, is the pork chop bun. A slab of pork chop (either on the bone or not), marinated in spices and then grilled, then served on lightly toasted buns. During our stay in Macau, we probably had the buns 6 or 7 times, with prices ranging from MOP 18 to MOP 37 (RM 9 to RM 18). But this was the biggest, best and most expensive. We ended up buying two of these.


After the rather heavy pre-dinner snack, we continued on walking on to Escada.


It was quite a walk to findour dinner place. Here we are Resting awhile at Cathedral Square next to Igreja da Se. The square is quite nice, although walled in by apartments on two sides.


Finally, we reached Restaurante Escada. It occupies a very old and small shoplot on a wide pedestrian walkway between two main roads.


Inside, it is very rustic with old world charm, with timber paneeling and yellow lights.


There were two famous dishes in Escada, this is the baked duck rice.


This was the African chicken.


Some beef dish i cant’t remember the name. We didn’t expect the portions to be big, so we actually ordered 3 and it was quite a lot for all four of us.


Our dinner turned out to be wonderful and a slight change to all the other meals we had in Macau and HK. The atmosphere is really great, I would highly recommend anyone to try out this place for the authentic cusine if you can. Its pricey though, for the four of us the bill came out to be MOP 642 (RM 320).

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