Macau & Hong Kong 2016 : Part 2 – Fisherman’s Wharf

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Day 2 is our first full day in Macau, so we were up bright and early. So after our quick brekkie of coffee and buns, we were outdoors again. It was a crisp and cold morning. Peak hour traffic before 9am is quite sparse and relaxed – there hardly is any traffic jam.


First item on our itinerary was the Fisherman’s Wharf. In order to get there, we took a free shuttle from Star World to the Ferry Terminal, and there we boarded another free shuttle to Sands Macau. There are two Sands Casino here, one on the peninsula (called Sands Macau) and the newer one in Cotai near the Venetian. Their shuttle bus loops the 3 stops so make sure you get down on the right hotel cos they’re very far apart.

(this is their shuttle bus showing the three stops)

At the Ferry Terminal, you can find free shuttle buses to every major casino, although some have a 21 year age restriction as they drop directly to the casino.

(this particular booth is for Galaxy)

Sands is actually very near, bus ride hardly took 5 minutes (gives you the idea how big the city centre is).

(Another casino across the road from Sands)

(Finally we reached Sands)

We briefly walk through Sands to use their restroom, but there isn’t much to see inside compared to Wynn or The Venetian. There is a huge chandelier, though. There were a few shops selling cookies, gold and watches, but the main attractions were the gambling halls.

Fisherman’s Wharf is supposed to be a seaside dining and open air shopping plaza, but i guess we were there too early in the morning to see anything. Also, part of it was closed for renovations.


But the main attraction was this replica of the Coliseum in Rome. I wonder what Italian tourists think of it.



Everything around that area was decorated with a faux Greco-Roman theme. Including the shopping plaza. There were some interesting shops inside, but nothing worth buying.



The other end of the Wharf had al fresco dining restaurants, where it ended with a casino and hotel facing the sea. Since it was cold and we were looking to eat so early, we took a free shuttle back to Star World Hotel.

From there were wanted to walk to Guia Fortress, with lunch en route.

We didn’t have any lunch place in mind, so we tried this tiny char chan teng in a busy office district.


It was really small, with space for only 5 tables but the owners were really friendly. Half guessing with our limited reading skills, we managed to order our lunch.

(stewed pork rice)

(Pork chop noodles).

Hannah had the breakfast set with toast, ham and eggs. The noodles were for the two parents. Lunch was really refreshing since we hadn’t had much to eat since morning. If i remember correctly, it cam up to just under RM 100. Food here is very similar to but slightly more costly than HK.

Next – walking all the way up Guia Lighthouse.

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