Macau & Hong Kong 2016 : Part 1 – Arrival

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So off we go on our itinerary! We landed in Macau International Airport just before 7pm. Checking out of immigration was pretty quick, probably one of the fastest i have gone through in my years of travel. It was drizzling lightly outside, but we soon realized over the next few days that spring rain in Macau falls really, really light – tiny tiny droplets that seem to float light snowflakes. So even if its drizzling, its still comfortable to walk outdoors. Its nothing compared to the torrential rains here in Malaysia.

Anyway, once out of the airport, turn right, past some dodgy looking construction hoardings (airport is going through some extensive upgrading works) and you’ll come to open air bus station. We found the bus to Wynn Casino just about to leave. Our hotel is walking distance from Wynn, so its we’re taking the free shuttle service. If you can’t find the free shuttle bus, take a town bus to the ferry terminal, the bus station there is bigger and have more choices of free hotel shuttles and town buses.

(This is our free hotel shuttle)

(it was only us and this couple from mainland China)

Since we were out of the airport past 7pm, it was dark already and our first impression of Macau is all the neon-lit casinos and hotels.


From the Wynn Hotel & Casino, we took some directions (ironically, from the lady working for Wynn). Our hotel was Beverly Plaza (we booked two adjoining rooms) which cost us RM414 per room per night. Room is big and spacious, especially compared to HK standards. It comes with all the standards like coffee making facilities, but no swimming pool or gym.


Once we checked in dumped our luggage, we went out looking for food. As we mentioned in the previous post, cheap food is tough to find after 7pm. most eateries are closed, except for a few expensive restaurants. But fortunately for us, just next to our hotel is a 24 hour Taiwanese restaurant. From the pic below you can see there’s also a Shanghainese restaurant next door, but we didn’t try it.


This Taiwanese place is apparently very popular with locals – even went we passed by late at night, its packed with customers.

(I had the pork chop noodles. Came with generous serving of minced meat or yuk sui)

(soya milk with leong fun and yau char guai. And my milk tea. Must have milk tea at every meal in Macau / HK)

(My daughter’s zhar choy pork rice)

After dinner we took a walk down the waterfront behind MGM and Wynn Hotel. It’s a nice cooling (or cold, depending on you) walk to take in all the sights and lights.

(That’s the bridge to the airport)

(The bank of China in the middle and the iconic Grand Lisboa on the right. Don’t know the left one).

(hotels and casinos light up the sky)

For our first half day, we didn’t arrange any itinerary. But we caught the fountain show at Wynn performance lake (throughout our stay we caught it 4 times). It happens every 15 minutes at night and the songs are different each time.

We also watched the Tree of Prosperity light show at Wynn casino. If you are in Macau, do not miss this show. its free but it is AWESOME. This minute show happens every half an hour at the entrance to the casino. Pictures do not do justice to the show.





That was the end of our first day. Next – Fisherman’s Wharf.

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