Penang 2013 Day 4 – Flea Market

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Sunday morning. There’s this new foodcourt right behind my hotel, we’ve been walking past it for past few days. Today we gave it a try. Whaddaya know, the food is pretty good. Especially the char kuey teow and loh mee.


Today being the last Sunday of the month (also last Sunday of 2013) and theres a morning flea market along Upper Penang Road.


With it being near the sea, it was very windy.

This lady made some good cakes. We bought the choc and durian cake.



This guy was selling hand carved wood items, using local wood.


All in all the market was pretty interesting, i liked the 2nd hand book stall (though it wasn’t cheap) and a local artist sold some nice pieces. Good way to kill time on a Sunday morning.

On the way back to the hotel stopped by for some sweet treats.

Then it was pack up time. Some shots from our hotel window before leaving.


One last look at the island from the bridge. This is the first Penang Bridge, at the time the second one wasn’t opened yet.



Stopped by Ipoh on the way. Why? For kacang putih, that’s why!



This was my first time trying their products. And i now know what fresh kacang putih tastes like. Ive been eating stale kacang putih all my life.

Then on it was back home to the city.

That wraps up my 4 day sojourn to Penang. It was great. I got to see all i wanted to see. We skipped some sights coz i went there on my last trip, like Fort Cornwallis, Penang Hill and Gurney Plaza. Besides, they were probably crowded. New Penang gave me a good impression – everything’s cleaner, traffic was super smooth, i didn’t get a summon nor an accident, weather was cool and overcast. On the downside, prices are noticeably increasing.

We plan to come back again next December, who knows, we might actually do.

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