Essential Free Apps for the iPad

I was an Android user for about two years before I got an iPad. Tons have been written about the pros and cons of both platforms, but I think I pretty much have the best of both worlds – an android phone for all its convenience and customize-ability, and Apple iPad for the gorgeoud apps and games.

So it brings me to this. As an iPad user, there are thousands of apps to download from the Store. Some are good, some are just meh. And a handful are essential. For any iPad user (whatever version you own or even the iPhone), here’s what you should get as soon as you unpack your device from the box.

I’ll limit the list to apps – not including games, and only free ones.

Dropbox – first and foremost on the list. The best way to overcome Apple’s limitation on sharing files between your iDevices, your PC, you android device, and any other platform. Fast, easy to use, and plenty of gigs to play with.

Youtube – ever since the iOS6 update, the original Youtube app has been removed and we’re stuck with this awful version that isn’t optimized for your iPad. But, nonetheless, Youtube is an integral part of the tablet experience and this is still the only official app from Google, who owns Youtube. Seriously, Google, when are you gonna release a proper HD app?

Flipboard – it took me awhile to come around to this app, but this is one of the best experiences on the iPad. Flipboard is a news aggregator, newsfeed reader, e-magazine and a whole load of other stuff all rolled into one, and presented in a beautiful format. These days, i spend most of my iPad time on Flipboard.

Whatsapp, Skype and Viber – if you have not heard of either of these apps, its time to do so and stop paying for calls and text messages.

Facebook and Google Plus – most people spend obscene amount of time social networking, so these apps are on the list. Google Plus is the better app, Facebook for the iPad is passable but some of its limitations irk me.

Other honourable mentions:

Most people need a feedreader, a wikipedia browser, and a Bible app. There are many different apps for each, but the ones I use are Feeddler
, Wikipanion and Glo Bible respectively. The latter is especially impressive for a free app.


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