The Quest for the Perfect Half Boiled Egg

Been eating a lot of soft boiled eggs recently sometimes up to 6 a day. Don’t worry i only eat the whites, never the yolks. Protein quota, you know.


Most of the time i eat it at the coffeeshop behind my office, the Nepalese waiters know very well the texture that i want from the whites. And they get it right everytime, without fail. (Unlike the other coffeeshop down the road).

So i tried making it myself a few weeks back. I googled “how to make half boiled eggs” and tried the various methods. First i tried simmering the eggs for 4 minutes, turned out pretty well, except the eggs were beginninng to harden (making it a pain to peel). I then tried 6 minutes off the fire, it was a little worse. The was more hardening, and the centres weren’t white yet. I then realized the second time i did it was with eggs from the refridgerator, the first batch weren’t.

Anyway by then my wife took over the eggs-perimentation. She’s got it down pat after a few tries.

And she still doesn’t know what to do with the egg yolks i leave behind.


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