Taiping and Maxwell Hill

Short trip to Taiping and Maxwell Hill 2 weeks ago, let me just let the pics do the talking. 🙂

En route to Taiping, spent one night in Ipoh to celebrate my sister in law’s 10th wedding anniversary.


Good food. Fried chicken was good.


Then next morning off to the Taiping, town of Everlasting Peace. I’ve heard a lot about it being famous for old uncles and chee cheong fun, but its a very nice and laid back town, although SOME of the drivers seem to drive like Penangites!


The lake gardens.


Some good folks were stranded in the middle of the lake while pedalling due to the famous Taiping rain. They had to send a motorboat out to ‘rescue’ them 🙂


Didn’t take many shots of the food, though, due us being too hungry. But this is delicious char kuey teow. Only RM2.80! With giant mutated prawns!!! Very delish.

char kuey tiaw

There’s this Chinese shop selling only fried stuff – goreng pisang, goreng lin-gou, goreng popiah, etc. Strangely the shop also sells handphones.

goreng pisang

Next morning, its up to Maxwell Hill.


Trying to take a shot of the landrover behind us, while speeding up the steep hill. The bumpy ride is definitely an experience everyone should try!


That’s me doing the ‘tou san’ look. Looking down on to Taiping town from atop Maxwell Hill. You can even see the coastline to the Straits of Malacca.


I really appreciate the fact that they’ve kept Maxwell Hill undeveloped and still in pristine condition after all these years, but from what i’ve seen and heard from the drivers, it won’t stay this way for long 🙁

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