Credit Card Story #2684

The other day I called up the credit card customer care hotline to replace my mastercard that was damaged (not from heavy usage, i assure you). After putting me on hold for five minutes, i finally get through to a human voice. Seriously, for a hotline, they are not really very hot.

Me: My card number is 4XXX, it’s damaged, can i request for a new one?

(after going through the lengthy validation processes of making sure that I am me)

Girl: Ok sir, but it will be RM5 for the replacement card and RM12 for handling and postage.

Me: What? The last time you didn’t charge me a thing. Besides, i’ve never been charged by any of my other banks.

Girl: That’s the policy.

Me: Can’t you waive it for me?

Girl: No.

Me: (looking at my damaged card) Look, i’ve got a better idea. My card is going to expire in June 2009, why i just wait until then and you guys will just send me a new one for free?

Girl: Yes, also can.

Me: But you DO realize i won’t be able to use this credit card for the next six months, so I will be using my other card from another bank?

Girl: Yes.

Me: Are you sure?

Girl: Yes.

Me: Ok bye.

Girl: Ok, have a nice day! (hangs up)

Wow, talk about encouraging people to use their cards. I wonder why these people keep pestering me to apply for new cards when they won’t even allow me to use the one I have with them… maybe i should just cancel the bloody card…


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