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I was going to blog something about a boy named vincent, but after mulling about it for 2 minutes, i decided not to.

I decided then to blog about something else.

I’ve been reading quite a lot of [tag]manga[/tag] recently, and spending less and less time watching [tag]anime[/tag]. Some have been quite bland, but i found a few good ones. Ironically, the ones that caught my attention were the outside my usual sci-fi and fantasy diet, which is probably a sign i should read more of other stuff.

Here’s three that i liked.

[tag]Yotsuba&![/tag] – This is really cute. It’s a comedy manga about a small orphan girl who has boundless energy and is pretty ignorant about the world around her. It’s really funny, trust me. She lives with her stepdad, a young guy who’s a writer of some sort, and usually interacts with the family of 3 older girls next door. The manga is one of the genuinely funniest i’ve read recently, but at the moment there are only 6 books in the series.

[tag]Train_man[/tag] ([tag]Densha Otoko[/tag]) – i actually found out much later that this manga is part of a media phenomenon in Japan, that started as a purportedly real story, and spawn a movie, television series, manga, anime, novel and theaterical play. It’s the story of an Otaku (japanese nerd) who falls in love with a girl he rescues from a drunkard while on a bullet train. The story revolves around the hero and his group of friends in a online chat room.

[tag]Rahxephon[/tag] – Back to the mecha stuff. This one is pretty much a lighter version of [tag]Neon Genesis Evangelion[/tag], without the psychological mumbo-jumbo, and a simpler drawing style. I’m also looking for the anime that goes with it.

Anyone wants to recommend more to me?


  • rzmie

    Kekkaishi, Gintama, D-Grayman are among the good anime & manga. And if you can find it, Les Miserables is quite good considering I can attract some of my colleagues to watch it.

  • zyrin

    ooohhh… i like that version of ‘densha otoko’ you’re reading. it’s pretty sweet.

    i’m going through ‘nana’, ‘her majesty’s dog’, ‘ouran high school host club’ and ‘cantarella’, if you’re curious.

    but they might be too… err… juvenile, for you, hehe.

    oh, and thanks for the brownie. i wonder what’s so special about it?

  • simon

    Angie Tan – yes i’ve seen megatokyo! but not read it tho.

    rzmie – okay. i’ll go look for it…

    zyrin – eh tak sangka i you baca manga! 🙂 eh brownie was all i could afford!

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