Bye Bye, Jose

Okay, footie post.

So after three seasons with Chelsea FC, Mr. Jose Mourinho has left the London club, through mutual consent.

Let me just say that while i first thought of him as an unnecessarily arrogant jerk, and still think of him as one, he was an excellent manager, and brought success to Chelsea where many others have failed. Of course, there are some qualifications – good as he may be, he isn’t in the same class as Wenger or Ferguson, and the other one that will haunt his short stay in England – that a huge part of his success lay with the obscene amount of money spent on players.

There are many unanswered possibilities that arises from this unique situation in Prem football – would Jose has been successful had he been in a club without the cash? Or would, with that kind of cash to buy world class players, would any other Premiership managers have achieved the same number of trophies or even more had they been the manager of Chelsea?

For me, Jose will be remembered for two things. for bringing trophies to Stamford Bridge – more trophies in 3 seasons they ever had in the past few decades added up – an also for failing to win the Champions League. Not even reaching the finals.

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For Chelsea, i think it will be a tailspin for now. A new permanent manager, who has not been named, will take time to get his style and philosophy to the ground.

Perhaps Mourinho should not have left Chelsea in a lurch 2 months into the season. If he felt it was untenable for him to complete this entire season, perhaps it would have been better for him to have left in the pre-season.

So bye-bye, Jose, and to your arrogant whining and complaints about not having enough money to buy another 100million pound galactico.

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