Emergency Leave

Man, coming back to work on a Monday morning after a long holiday is a drag, man. What’s worse is that half the office is still on leave (how long a holiday do these people need?!).

But at least I can have a relatively peaceful day of work, at least until the phones start ringing.

The thing is, while some of my colleagues are on annual leave, one or two are on Medical Leave. Or as they call it ‘MC’ around here (MC stands for Medical Certificate, the little slip the doctor gives you). And one of them are on Emergency Leave.

What kinds of leave are there existing in Malaysia? Quite a few. Including the non-official ones.

AL – Annual Leave.

EL – Emergency Leave.

MC – Medical Certificate.

Mat. L – Maternity Leave.

Pat. L – Short for Patrick Lee Paternity Leave. For men who spouses are on ‘Mat. L‘ as mentioned above.

POL – Pissed Off Leave. When you’re super annoyed with something or someone at work, and refuse to go in the next day. Maybe in the form of MC or EL. Usually based on some trivial reason like ‘stomachache‘ or ‘cat died‘.

CL – Compassionate Leave. Usually given when a member of immediate family is sick or has passed on. Subject to rampant abuse by unscrupulous employees who say they ‘have very big but close family‘.

FL – Football Leave. Applied on the day your team loses the Champion’s League final at 3.00am in the morning.

SL – Singles Leave. For unmarried people who are ineligible for Mat. L and Pat. L, so they are given a few days off every year to actually go and socialize and find a spouse. Number of days you are entitled to increases with your age. To increase your chances, la.

FDSL – First Day of School Leave. Parents need to accompany their kids to the first day of school / kindergarten / nursery / pre-nursery / music appreciation class.


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