DVD Marathon

I’m at home, still enjoying my holidays. Most of my pals are still on holidays, too, like me. To sum it up, on normal days and months of the year, we work our asses of to pay for the car, the house, and every other doodad we’ve accumulated over our working lives. But for this week, we bumming around in our underwear, gorging our faces with dried meat and prawn crackers, watching [tag]DVD[/tag]s or MTV.

I’m not complaining, life is great, as good as it gets.

Speaking of DVDs, my friend is a huge [tag]Renee Zellweger[/tag] fan. She may not realize it (in fact she denies it), but she has every single movie featuring the Texan actress. Bridget Jones (first and second), Jerry Maguire, Down With Love, the works. I’ll admit I don’t quite like her (Renee Zellweger, not my friend), she mostly acts in these chick flicks.

If there was an actor or actress I was big fan of [tag]Meryl Streep[/tag] in her day (but before that, I’m not that old!). I first saw her on an old Kramer vs. Kramer, alongside Dustin Hoffman. Then there was Death Becomes Her, Postcards From the Edge. I never got to watch her other movies, in those days it wasn’t easy to get movies you wanted to watch.

These days I can’t say I have a favourite thespian, but [tag]Colin Farrell[/tag] and [tag]Ewan McGregor[/tag] seem to be making great movies I like.

And the bunch of goofballs I also like – [tag]Ben Stiller[/tag], [tag]Vince Vaughn[/tag] and [tag]Owen Wilson[/tag]. They really crack me up. For starters, try Dodgeball, Starsky & Hutch and Wedding Crashers.


  • mama23beas

    I love Meryl Streep too (and I’m not that old, too;)). First time saw her in “Amazing Grave” alongside Kurt Russel when I was a kid, then after that “A cry in the night/dark(?)” with Sam Neil, and two of 3 movies you mentioned. Also wish to watch her other movies too *sigh*

  • lilian

    Aiyoyo, don’t say walking around in underwear ‘cos I get visions of Spongebob walking around with the googly eyes and super annoying voice. Meryl Streep – Out of Africa with Robert Redford, damn romantic ‘cos I watched it on a first date with….gee, I forget who!

  • mudslinger

    dodgeball is so funny. i have seen it so many times, and still find it hillarious…

    “nobody makes me bleed my own blood…”
    and who could forget,
    “we will, we will, rock you… sssss”

  • Swifty

    Yeah, anything with the Frat Pack (that’s what Luke and Owen Wilson, Stiller, Ferrel and Vaughn are called these days) in it is funny. I don’t like Colin Farrell, guy hasn’t been in a decent movie for quite a while… unless you were really counting Alexander.

  • Hock Min

    Are you THE Simon **** that I know from primary school? 😉 Speaking of holidays, I sure miss those long public holidays you guys have!

  • simon

    mama23beas – you should get ‘death becomes her’. her last good one.

    lilian – oh, out of africa! how can i forget that! they showed it on Dunhill Blockbuster! Remember those?

    mudslinger – how about “Blaze… Laser… Blazer!”

    swifty – SWAT was OK, but i thot Alexander was a little over indulgent. I just watched Duplex with Stiller in it. Hilarious!

    hock min – yep, that one… (sorry for the editing, hehe…) how’s life over there? did you google me up? 🙂

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