Lillian Too and Simon Predicts

Wow, Lillian Too is really living it up, man.

Last week, I heard her on the radio on this morning talk show where she was giving out tips to callers on how to handle the Year of the Dog (I can safely say a leash, flea collar and muzzle were not involved). Now, the past few days, she is on almost every local TV channel and newspaper talking about feng shui.

Side note: For my non-Malaysian readers, (yes, all two of you) Lillian is a successful modern day feng shui master who has made millions through her own TV show, hundreds of books published every year and product endorsements. However, she has no relations whatsoever to Harry Potter, Wizards of the Coast, Fong Sai Yuk or any of those people. I’m not too sure whether she’s related to Lilian Chan, though (Simon runs away and hide)…

I thought the whole Lillian’s Feng Shui craze had died down, after the initial run of her show on cable, now it looks like the whole thing is back, even stronger than the last time. Even Malays are calling into her show, the other this Malay pal of mine was telling me how he followed Lillian’s principles fervently. I guess Lillian is very smart to emphasize that feng shui is not a religion, more of harmony with nature and your surroundings.

I, for one, don’t believe in feng shui, but believe me, a lot of people do. I mentioned her once in this blog many months ago (I don’t evern remember what it was for) and until today, I still get incoming google searches to my site for things like “Lillian Too’s prediction for 2006” or “feng+shui+lillian+too“. Everyday. I kid you not.

Say what you want about her, she’s one shrewd businesswoman. She’s got the whole niche market sewed up, and raking in the big bucks. She’s even got bloggers talking about her, so there.

Anyways, on another note, looking for numbers is still big business these days. You’d think this would die out with the old generation, like dough dolls and parasols and racing horse calendars, but boy, are you wrong. Every week you read in the papers of people visiting graves and paying homage to snakes in temples to get numbers.

Another side note: The “numbers” aforementioned has nothing to do with mathematics or statistics, it is referring to the Malaysian Chinese (and other races) fascination with four digit lottery. It’s related to a host of other concepts like dream books, car registration plates, calendar dates, horse racing, etc but we don’t have time go into that.

Right, so Simon is going to give you 4 numbers: 3789. It’s supposed to be arranged in a 2×2 grid, so that you need to figure out the correct sequence, according to your personal skill. Or better yet, go and buy one of those ‘unofficial’ syndicates that ‘pau’ all combinations of the 4 numbers. Sure win one.

Yet another pointless side note: Simon does not advocate buying lottery. He just dreamt up those 4 digits, buy at your own peril. However, if you strike first prize (or even just the starter or consolation, Simon demands 20% of takings. End of the yet another pointless sidenote.

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  • aw

    It’s sad.. most of her “advice” are based on superstition instead of feng shui. Buy a dragon (preferably the tacky looking one from her store) to place it in the SW corner, and all will be well?

    According to Joey Yap, who even if you do not believe in feng shui, has at least studied the classical feng shui texts: Feng Shui is not about placing objects, it is about living in harmony with nature.

    The concept of chi (as somewhat medically-respected and effective in acupuncture) states that mountains are a source of chi, and water collects chi. That’s it. Man-made objects cannot create chi.

    So to practise Feng Shui you don’t have to buy baubles. I don’t know about Lilian Too. Joey Yap at least makes sense.

  • hantu

    its good fortune alright, good for her pockets, and if the majority believe, than you had it made, try selling your t-junction house, just make sure your real estate has got some resale value bsed on their fegn suhi

  • moz monster

    I happen to believe Lilian Too is nothing but crass commercialism … notice how everything about improving your Feng Shui involves something that will improve her bottomline?

    Since when was Feng Shui every like that? What about flow of chi? What about harmony with nature? How do you buy those from her stores?

  • lilian

    Lilian, too came by and says….Believe in God, it is totally free. And more cun (effective) than chasing flying stars, eight pillars and messing with one fate. *Lilian, too runs and hide*

  • lucia

    joey yap, like lilian too, also crass commercialisation. i heard from a friend who believe strongly in feng shui, that joey charges much more than lilian, so see, just like all ‘business people’, they only want to fatten their bank account… while bombarding us with nonsense.

    sorry, but i don’t believe in feng shui at all so don’t mind me if i use the label nonsense. (it’s my own personal opinion anyway).

  • patrick

    I don’t believe in feng shui myself but during a visit to Beijing I was told by some authority in fengshui that Lilian Too can never ever be a good master since she doesn’t know mandarin. Without deep knowledge and understanding of the language, one cannot ever undrestand the nuances etc. relating to fengshui. Maybe that guy was envious of her success I do not know but then….

  • mudslinger

    eh, i don’t mean this as anything bad lah, but recently i heard she got divorced. how come living in such ‘harmony’ can bring that turn of events?
    anybody heard this story? maybe just a rumour lah….

  • simon

    patrick – if she doesn’t know how to speak mandarin, she will have an uphill battle to woo the chinese speaking audience. but the english speaking market has already made her a millionaire…

    mudslinger – really? must call in and ask her…!

  • otah

    1 thing to add, joey yap dun sell all these $ lucky products like lilian too.

    some things lilian sell can get at crystal shop at cheap price.

  • Master of The Universe

    Fung Shui exist my friends. Whatever teaching Lillian Too provides is the basis for each believers to pursue further.

  • Jason Oh

    Yes, all her theory are based on superstition instead of feng shui. Those ppl who’re aware of classical feng shui will know.

    I’ve tried most of her theory and none work. More & more classical Feng Shui master are coming out these day.

  • Alex

    Lillian Too’s a new-age farce!! Please, place this here, place this there, and because every month and every year there will be different flying stars in different locations, does that mean we have to shift, keep, discard, and more importantly for her, BUY more stuff to place around and switch around? It’s just her business propaganda!

    And all she does to credit herself is associating her name with some master from don’t know where and claim that he has taught her. well, maybe they spent a week chatting, or maybe she stuffed his mouth with a million bucks.

  • John

    Guess what! I heard that her daughter is filing for divorce with his husband!!! I am not sure if this is true but i will just have to wait and see. Being a feng shui master but cannot solve her own problem is really a SHAME SHAME…

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