It Was The Night Before The New Year

It’s less than half and hour to the dawn of the New Year, it has been a tiring day to say the least. Tomorrow looks to be an even more strenuous day, but its all in good spirit.

I spent a good part of the morning contributing to the jam on the North-South Highway. The jam was unexpectedly bad, but I’m more relieved that I am safely through and that there weren’t any major accidents on the way.

On the journey, I had a lot of time to enjoy the scenery and observe my fellow road-users, they usually interesting insights to our Malaysian culture.

Wingz was right. My cellphone didn’t have adequate signal on some parts of the highway. I believe his words were “don’t believe what those telco advertisements tell you.” Most people know this already, but with the way the telco brazenly advertise on the billboards along the highway, you would think it’s covered as well as KLCC is. Ha.

Another interesting point i noticed. It wasn’t until the end of the journey that i noticed the only Proton Savvy on the highway. What does that mean? That the Potong Sawi isn’t popular with the Chinese, considering most of the highway users today were Chinese? Maybe not entirely true, my wife said. They probably use the Sawi as a second or weekend car. Maybe.

But as I overtook the lone Potong Sawi, the driver was, surprise, surprise, an Indian woman. So much for my theories.

I stopped at one of those rest areas along the way to use the toilet. I didn’t really needed to pee, i just wanted to stretch my legs. The place was quite packed, but not as insanely full as the larger Rest & Recreation areas. The cars were parked along the highway, can you believe it?

Well, the small rest area that i stopped at had a long line a guys waiting to use the toilets. Only 2 of the 3 urinals were in use, the third was clogged and overflowing due to cigarette butts. No surprise there.

It’s almost midnight now, I can smell the thick incense from the table outside my neighbour’s house. I believe someone may see some fortune numbers in a short while…

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