Post Christmas Hangover (and some pics)

Alright, its the third day of christmas, and I’m typing this, most of you are either still sleeping on your holiday or sitting in a half empty office like me.

Well, at least it’s a nice morning, and I had 2 days of holidays myself. Very tiring two days, but quite fun.

And now 3 more days of work, then more parties and festivities…

Anyways, some pics taken over the past few days.

Below: This is taken from the centre court at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Their first Christmas decoration was a little disappointing, and there was considerably less people there as compared to 1 Utama or MidValley. Maybe they had to contend with a smaller centre court, but at least it was a lot better than Sunway Pyramid’s ‘Looney Tunes’ deco…

Below: Here’s another pic, I’ve no idea what those ‘horns’ are meant to be.

Below: I’ve looking up from the centre court, i suppose if it was night time this shot might have made more sense. Really, they should have had more decorations!

Below: This last one was taken at Ikano Power Centre, there wasn’t much deco either, but there was this sale going on in the courtyard and I thought it made a good pic.

Nope, no more pics. Maybe i’ll snap more this weekend during the parties…


  • angel eyes

    yup that’s right the horn you refering to are stylized angels of the 3 wise kings if you read enough about christmas you ought to know simon my boy.

    they are damn cool don’t see them anywhere in KL this kind of deco only over in States or Eroupe overall cool

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