Good Brands to Buy

If you want to buy good mosquito coil, you need to buy one and only one kind – Fish brand mosquito coil. It’s in a yellow and white box, with a picture of a big-eyed goldfish on the cover. I’ve tried other modern brands, like Shelltox or don’t-know-what, but they tend to break easily, and drop shavings all over the place when you handle them.

If you want to buy matches, there is only one good brand to buy – the one with the picture a flying superhero on it. What do you use matches for nowadays, you may ask. To light the mosquito coils, of course. Anyway, if you can’t find the brand with the flying superhero on it (I believe that guy looks like Shazam), there are two alternatives. One is the three coin brand (the coins have pictures of people on them) and another brand is this gorilla holding a giant matchstick.

Actually there are all probably from the same manufacturer, but it doesn’t matter, the superhero brand is first choice.

And if you think Gardenia and High 5 bread is too expensive, don’t worry, there is a really cheap alternative that tastes just as great. Sure, it may not have a thousand and one minerals and vitamins, but hey, bread is bread. You may want to try ‘Kunci Emas’ brand (that’s Golden Key brand), it’s cheap, it’s tasty, and it has a way cooler name than Gardenia.

And finally, this one is for college students and bachelors who are tight on cash. If you hate to stump out lots of money for powder-ful bath soaps or gel like Seba Med or Palmolive or Lux, try buying Sabun Buku Klorofil 999 (‘999 Chlorophyll Soap Bar’). Trust me, it works just as well, if not better. It comes in a small squarish bar, it has a green paper packing and has a picture of a parrot on it. You can find it in almost every Malay sundry shop all across the country. What on earth of is a chlorophyll soap? Beats me. But if there’s a picture of a parrot on it, it has to be damn effective.

Works the same, fraction of the price.


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