The PPS Dilemma

Finally, I have to say something concern the current events on PPS. In all these months of me associating with the Malaysian blog-tal, I have rarely mentioned anything regarding the current issues and challenges faced by PPS.

But now, winds of change are coming our way. In recent weeks, a few issues have hit PPS, but the three most important ones are blog throttling, commercial blogs and withdrawal from PPS by senior members.

In essence all three issues are inter-related, but I will first talk on the first two. And the it is not without irony the first two controversies are caused by the very same person, whom many bloggers I know consider a persona non grata. But after all the mudslinging and furore, you would think he would have learnt something from this. Ho-hum.

Anyways, the biggest criticism Aizuddin (PPS co-founder) faced in the wake of the heated debate was that he did not do anything public with all the suggestions. But for those unfamiliar, PPS belongs lock, stock and barrel to Aizuddin. He owns the domain name and webhosting space, but the support comes from all the participating bloggers. It can be said that PPS belongs to the spirit of the community, a common privilege of each blogger that pings. But in stark reality, it belongs to Aizuddin, if he so chooses to close it down tomorrow, no one can argue otherwise.

But in all fairness, I think Aizuddin has been more than fair and tolerant of the bloggers, even those who hurl less than pleasant words his way. And finally, he has instituted the PPS policies to address the problems. Well done, Aizuddin.

I feel that blog throttling has to be implemented, it goes against the open spirit of blogging, but some individuals have gone overboard and ruined it for the rest of the bloggers. So yes, I agree with the necessary evil of throttling.

On the second note, yes, separate the commercial blogs from the personal ones, but do not separate the personal blogs further. I don’t agree to categories like review blogs, humour blogs, tech gadget blogs etc. To me, pigeon-holing is against the very spirit of free speech and blogging. Yes, separate the profit driven blogs, but leave the rest alone.

And finally, the final point. A few bloggers have stopped pinging to PPS in the aftermath of the events. Many others may have done so in the past, but perhaps they did not publicize the decision. For those who have done so, I hope you reconsider your decision. The varied make-up of PPS depend a lot on different views, and I feel the experienced bloggers add an interesting depth to the sphere. I agree with Din and Eyeris, PPS is not as fun as it was some time back, but if all the serious bloggers stop pinging, it will be much worse.

At the end of the day, if you like a particular blog, bookmark or add it to your feed reader. And recommend it to your friends. If you don’t like a blog, don’t read it it, and tell your friends not to read or click them.


  • Ericos

    Well said Simon. Thank you for being so sober.

    Yes, Aiz should be given credit for what he has done for the blogging community. He made us aware of how big our local blogging scene really is. Kudos to him. I have seen him done in person anyway.

    Btw, congratulations too for winning… 🙂

  • ylchong


    The only two constants in life are Death and Change.

    Under Aiz the founder, PPS will evolve in keeping with the times. As about as young as you as a Blogger, I appreciate this wonderful channel. Yes, I ping when I feel when postings are of a quality I’m proud of to share; if it’s just for the record, I refrain.

    I agree with your views that it’s ok to discriminate the obvious commercial blogs, and also not to further catehorise more, for not ony is variety is the spice of life, but also surely this cyber-journey serves an educational goal besides other objectives?

  • Kervin

    It seems there is no escape from the ugly Malaysian. Started pinging a year ago to PPS and had fun, met so many nice people and read many an entertaining blogs. Sadly many have retired such as MDMafia, Buaya69(reincarnated as Belacan), Heyblaine etc while others have refraimed from pinging PPS such as Pok Ku, and even Mac is thinking of it. Sad sad, no fun true if some people out there ruin the community, we open up in good faith and its a bit hard to see that faith abused.

  • bUttsHAk3r

    like you, i agree with your views on categorising. two categories, personal blogs, and “commercial” ones. except imo, commercial ones shouldn’t be allowed.

    but in any case, some people seem to have woken up, and are moving forward to make a better pps. let’s hope new changes can be integrated into the current one, instead of(perhaps) having to migrate.

  • mahagurusia

    Well said Simon. You sure can talk. 🙂 And the same time I would like to thank PPS, Aizuddin for setting up the site. Sometimes we tend to forget the simplest thing in life. Terima kasih ya.

  • Ivan

    While I agree to most of what’s been said, I think personal blogs too should be categorised further. This allows easy reading for visitors, I wouldn’t call it pigeon-holing. They still have the choice to read all categories, why not give visitors more options? I, for one, would filter out political blogs and whatnot. Categorising/tagging, if done right, will do good.

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