Spring in Korea – Wrap-Up

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So ends our sojourn in Busan and Jeju. It was an enjoyable trip, we got to see most of what we planned to see. Comparatively, this trip wasn’t as packed as our other trips, mainly because there is a lot of traveling intra-city. Jeju, as we expected, is full of attractions and surprises, and another few more trips there would still not satisfy us. Busan com as a second city to Seoul, has its own, distinct flavour. Being a seaside harbour city, there are nice beaches and waterfront attractions. Weather-wise, being at the south, it has a milder winters here (it hardly ever snows).

Food wise, we didn’t really enjoy as much as Seoul, but there is nonetheless very good food here everywhere. If you are big on seafood, then Busan is the place to be. In almost every area in the city, you can see small restaurants claiming to be the ‘best in the city’ or ‘best XXX!’. You can probably spend a year in a small district of this city and yet not try all the good restaurants and stalls.

In terms of attractions, Busan has more natural wonders, and suited for long hikes.

The highlights of our visit in Busan is undoubtedly Gamcheon Culture Village. The traditional markets like Bupyeong, Changseongdong, Gukje and Nampodong are also worth a visit, remember to go with an empty stomach. Haeundae and Gwanggali beaches are beautiful (in the non-winter months), but if you’re pressed for time I would suggest to choose the former over the latter. Do try to visit on weekends for the best experience. During harvest season, the canola and lavender fields are said to be beautiful, we were too early for that.

So another travel destination done and dusted. We returned with a suitcase full of souvenirs and snacks, and a hatful of memories to last a lifetime. Now that our kids have started college, we’re done for overseas travel, at least for the next seven years or so. Until then, annyeonghi gaseyo!



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