Spring in Korea Part 11 – Shopping & Dinner Around Nampodong

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We left Gamcheon at about 4pm taking the same bus we took coming here. We went back to Nampodong / Bupyeong market area to shop for some clothes and shoes at the open air market. As we mentioned in the earlier post, the whole area of about 20 blocks is filled with shops and stalls in the evenings. They are actual a few different markets merging together, so it is hard to know where one ends and another begins. But our plan of action is simple – start at Nampodong main street and walk the narrow sides streets in the direction of northwest until we reach our hotel.

First stop was to walk through BIFF Square again. In the evenings, the whole square and surrounding area is filled with food stalls. This particular stall in the centre of the square is very popular with a perpetual queue.

They serve this pastry filled with different kind of seeds. Quite tasty, but on the pricey side.

This one below is also quite popular. It’s like a small pot pie filled with bacon, egg and cheese.

We walked through the narrow streets checking out the clothes and food. If you have lots of spare cash to burn, there are endless cheap stuff to buy.

The Gukje market ladies are still here from this morning. In the evenings the crowds are more pronounced.

From the markets you can see the awesome Busan tower.

Surrounding the base of the tower is a urban park called Yongdusan. We didn’t have time to visit, maybe next trip we can even go up Busan Tower.

By evening we found our way to Bupyeong Market again. Since it was still early for dinner but we were already hungry, we stopped for a snack and coffee at this little pizza parlour.

We ordered one long slice of pizza and rolled ice cream (and coffee) shared among the four of us. This type of ice cream is quite common here, they mix the ingredients on a cold plate and roll the thin slices for you in a cup. There’s a stall in the Curve in Mutiara Damansara on weekends that do this.

Maybe we should have also ordered a beer…

After our snack we went back out the tside streets again looking for dinner. We were undecided on what to eat, there were really just too many restaurants and different cuisines on offer. We tried looking for a restaurant serving jajangmyeon, but no luck in this area. Finally, decided on fried chicken! There’s something about Korean fried chicken that is just tasty and finger licking good… i reckon since we probably walked more than 12,000 steps today on my pedometer, i deserve an unhealthy treat.

This double storey tiny restaurant has interesting d├ęcor.

Beer with fried chicken done two ways, with a side of potato wedges with your loved ones in Korea. Life doesn’t get better than this…

We had a long day today. We started with brunch at Jagalchi Market, went to BIFF Square and Gukje Market, walked the length and breadth of Gamcheon, then came back to Nampodong and all the markets again. Finally, a hearty dinner. Tired but very happy. We didn’t forget to stop by the stall at Bupyeong that sells awesome pastry, the one that we saw the day before but didn’t buy. There’s just something about their puff pastry here that is so delicious.

Next – Snow in Beomeosa.

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