Spring in Korea Part 9 – BIFF Square & Changseongdong Eat Alley

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From Jagalchi, it is a short walk across the main road to our next destination – BIFF Square. It’s a, well, square where there are stalls selling food from morning to night. This is where they have the annual Busan International Film Festival since 1996.




In the side streets, the stalls and shops go on forever, selling clothes, souvenirs, snacks sundry goods.

All along the walkway at he centre of the square, there imprints made by stars who have appeared in the film festivals. Most are Korean stars, there are a few international and American superstars, though.

At t the side of the square, there was a movie theatre themed bookstore. Very interesting concept.

If you walk straight on from the entrance through the square, there is a particular alley that is special compared to the rest. This is Changseongdong Meokja Golmok, or Let’s Eat Alley.

During the day time, the short street is lined with ahjummas who set up stall selling local delicacies. You’re supposed to sit on the low stools and eat. They mostly sell local specialties, two of the must-try ones chungmu gimbap (mini seaweed roll) and bibim daimyeon (stir-fried glass noodles). But we just had a massive meal at Jagalchi, so we didn’t eat anything here. But it would be quite an experience to eat sitting here, i bet.

There are only a few of these special stalls here, and in the evening it can get very packed.

Further on the alley, the market continues with different types of stalls.

The shop owner put this cute doggie in the sun because it was shivering in the shop…

Changseongdong eat alley actually joins into another nameless market, and this is a very good place to buy clothes and shoes especially for women.

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