Hua Hin & Bangkok 2016 : Wrap-Up

This is post concludes an ongoing travelogue. To start at the beginning, please click here.

Well, its been more than two months since my holiday to Thailand, and I have finally finished my travelogue here. What started out as a last minute unplanned trip, turned out to a rather enjoyable holiday. I remember we didn’t really get down to doing the itinerary until about 2-3 weeks before leaving.

In retrospect, Hua Hin was a rather laidback, family holiday. There isn’t much sights to see, nor many places to go around the town for day trips. Well, actually there are, but we didn’t go for them. After so many holidays where had packed programmes of seeing and doing as much as we can, this was a welcome change.

Bangkok, in contrast, is hectic and frantic as ever. But with only a weekend there, we only visited Chatuchak weekend market and Platinum Fashion Mall, with a detour to the husky café.

Hua Hin is recommended for a relaxing holiday, it’ll be good if you get a good hotel on a stretch with a nice beach. Check out the night market, eat some of the delish seafood on offer. It’s one of those holiday places you go once in your lifetime, I don’t think it will change much in 20 years.

So until the next mega year end trip, goodbye.

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