Hua Hin & Bangkok 2016 : Part 15 – Chatuchak Weekend Market

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One of the reasons for extending our stay to include a weekend in Bangkok is to go to Chatuchak weekend market. We went there in our last trip a few years back, this time we wanted to make sure we covered the whole market.

The market is just a few stations away. The hotel provides free tuk-tuk service to and fro the BTS station.


(Sanam Pao station is deserted during the weekends. But as you get nearer to Mo Chit, the trains get packed)

We reached there about 10 am, and the crowd was already slowly building up.


Can’t really describe the experience of shopping here. You can buy (almost) anything here. But we were concentrating mainly on clothes and souvenirs.


Didn’t take many photos, too busy shopping.


This stall is the famous JJ coconut ice-cream, you can see the long line of people. I tried it, it was okay, not sure why its so popular.


For lunch we went across the road to Or Tor Kor market. This time, though, it seemed more crowded than usual. Or Tor Kor is a covered market that sells fresh fruits and vegetables, and there is an excellent food court.


(durian season is also in full season in Thailand)

Food court was so full we had to wait for our table.


Finally had lunch at about 3 pm. Pad Thai and chicken rice as usual.


After spending 5-6 hours of walking and shopping, I think we went through the length and breadth of Chatuchak. with exception of the section that sold kitchenware. The thing with this market is that towards the afternoon, the heat gets a little too much and its probably time to go back to the hotel.

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